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  • “Dandelion yellow”Nail designs are a current trend.
  • The golden undertone makes this color easier to wear.
  • Try these top-rated yellow nail varnishes at home and get inspired!

Brightening up your nails can brighten up a boring day. Emergen-C is able to take you above the porcelain throne, and then make it shine again. The current trending shade isn’t too far from the powdered beverage mix. “dandelion yellow.”

The name was invented by Essie’s global lead educator and manicurist. Rita Remark, perfectly matches spring’s earliest bloomer — the dandelion — and is the perfect soft-meets-sunny blend of pastel yellow and orange.

“This version of yellow is much more golden than we’re used to seeing — it’s like butter,”Remark “Previously, we’d seen cooler-tone yellows, edging on the side of green or lemon-lime. I love that this shade is trending because it means yellow is now a nail color that has staying power. It’s not just a niche, one-season trend. It’s more approachable and less of a risk. A color that previously felt polarizing and controversial among nail enthusiasts now boasts variations of hue and more options for those of us trying to find the perfect complement to our skin tone.”

Yellow manicures can warm your brain even though you don’t have any flowers or sun. There are many nail color options that will inspire you.

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