A Video has gone viral and pulled on the heartstrings of viewers around the world after a man apparently learned how to paint his fiancée’s nails in order to save her money.

In the video, @bellamikollee, whose first name is Bella, shows her fiancé, in one clip decked out in a headlamp, painting various nail designs on her fingers. “POV: your fiancé learned how to do your nails so that you don’t have to pay $150 for designs,”Bella created text overlays on TikTok’s February 12 video, which has been seen well over 2 million times.

UCLA Labor Center data shows that only 19% are male nail technicians. Exposure to chemicals can pose a health risk in the nail salon. Chemical exposure can lead to skin irritations and allergies as well as eczema.

Commenters swooned over Bella’s video of her fiancé with some joking about where she found him.

“You got this on Amazon?”Only one person was able to write.

Someone joked that he was able to use the skills to help save money.

“Lolol he doesn’t pay for my things,” Bella responded.

“I think my fiancé is broken,”Another.

Bella shows footage of her fiancé completing various designs and using fine brushes to complete smaller details.


Newsweek reached out to @bellamikollee, but she didn’t respond in time for publication.

A video has gone viral after a woman shared that her fiancé learned how to paint her nails to save money at the salon. Below, you can see nails being painted onto fingers in a stock photo.
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Newsweek reported in October, however, that a woman took TikTok to document her boyfriend’s reaction to getting a complete set of acrylic nails.

“My boyfriend said that having nails couldn’t be that hard,” TikToker Caitlin Barlow, @SaucedrippaaaaaIt says: “So I gave him a trashy full set he had to keep on for 24 hours.”

Her boyfriend was seen trying to finish daily chores like buttoning his shirt and filling the gas tank.

WUSA Washington, D.C. featured a man who, having learned how expensive a trip into a salon can be, decided that it would be worth his time to learn to become a technician. Darnell Atkins shared with the outlet that he was embarrassed at first and didn’t want anyone to learn about his new interest.

One woman shared her experience with the outlet, saying that Atkins is the best nail technician she’s ever seen.

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Woman Says Fiancé Learned to Paint Nails to Save Her Money in Adorable Clip

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