Twinkly Christmas lights can be found on Amazon in a variety of colors, including strings, lights clusters, lights curtains, lights and string lights. These products often have smart controls which allow you change or merge the string lights with your music. Twinkly has some of the most beautiful holiday lighting.

Flushed with their success in the holiday lighting market, Twinkly has moved on to the internal home décor arena with the unveiling of Twinkly Squares. Twinkly Squares is part of a new line for home that includes Twinkly Flex and Twinkly Line as well as the Twinkly Squares products. The Twinkly Squares offering, which the company sent over to GiN to test out, is a really cool idea too, because they have taken their technology with smartphone-controlled lights and placed it into a more traditional portrait type of configuration so that it can easily be hung on a wall and displayed alongside other fine art, gaming posters and whatever else gamers have hanging in their game or computer rooms.

Twinkly Squares has one panel with LED lights and five other panels which connect to it. Each panel is a perfect square, and it’s clever that instead of forcing all of them into a single, larger square configuration, that buyers are given a choice of how they want their Twinkly Squares to look. You could arrange them in a Diamond pattern, Arrow or something similar to a heart. Space Invader monster. Another option is to build the huge square. Twinkly offers add-on panels to allow for larger designs and groupings that can provide lighting.

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A master panel can accommodate up to fifteen add-on panels. Each panel has a seven-inch diameter. It is composed of an eight-by-8 rectangular grid. Each grid is customizable individually. Each pixel can show 16,000,000 colors. If lit up, pixels can stand out in any space.

Twinkly Squares’ customizable nature means that setup is more difficult. The starter kit contains many components that can seem overwhelming. Six connector cables supply power and control for the sub-panels. To link panels, a minimum of twelve fasteners will be used. The master unit is supplied with a power cable. The square panels are also included. All of it is nicely packed into a colourful box. It can be a bit scary when all the items are removed.

The process was quite straightforward, contrary to my initial fears. The panels are light in weight and have a place at the corners to hold small screws or nails to mount them to the walls. Even though six panels were attached, the whole group was still stable. To attach the panels to each other, two nails were used. However, to be on the safe side, it’s probably best to use a few more mounting points. A square of paper is included in the starter kit that indicates the locations of screws for the panels. A pencil, pen, or pencil can be used to draw the location of your screws or drill holes.

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Once everything is mounted, it’s time to have some fun. These lights can be controlled remotely. Twinkly Squares has apps available for Android or iOS that enable users to control the light’s behavior and display. There is an Android version.

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To begin, create an account at Twinkly. After creating an account, Bluetooth can be used to connect to the Twinkly Squares panels. It seems like this is the same app that can used to drive all of those Christmas lights too, so it’s important to handshake the Squares with your app and your account so it knows what you are trying to control. Connect to Squares via your Wi Fi at home.

This app is powerful. You can use the app to create cool effects and drive Squares. Waves can move across your screen. You can also adjust the brightness and color of your pictures. Twinkly Squares will do various things during different hours of the day if you set them up with a schedule. Smart home systems can be integrated with Squares.

You can control individual pixels of each square in Squares by using the app. This gives you fine control, making it possible to design a beautiful but sometimes over-exposed piece of art.

There are many Pixel games being made right now, and it is very popular. If you’re a budding Pixel artist or just want to recreate a scene from the noir detective video game, then this is the place for you. LacunaStrange or familiar? NorcoIf you’re looking for adventure, then you can recreate it with your squares. You can draw using your smartphone’s app. You can also transfer your work to your Squares. Someone with more artistic ability might be eligible for more.

Twinkly Squares lights up your room like no other. It’s so advanced that it actually crosses into the realm of art, or at least it can if someone puts a lot of effort into it. Although I don’t have much artistic ability, I created some amazing displays that made my gaming room more enjoyable and brought joy to my visitors.

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Twinkly squares’ starter kit can be purchased There are many options available for $249, so it’s not an inexpensive investment. However, you won’t find a better way to decorate your game room, and especially one that provides lighting, style and total control over the presentation.

Twinkly Squares’ LED Panels Give Life to Your Game Rooms

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