LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Two Stark County entrepreneurs present their product to sharks. Brian Halasinski (Kirk Hyust) and Brian Halasinski are taking the Turbo Trusser, a stainless-steel device that allows you to truss fowl with no need to use cooking threads or master chefs, to Shark Tank.


‘Shark Tank’ is an entrepreneurial-themed reality series in which entrepreneurs present their companies and products to business moguls in order to persuade them to invest. A live premier of the fourteenth series was staged. The tank will be home to four more firms, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. Canton entrepreneurs, Ohio, will present Turbo Trusser. The Turbo Trusser will allow them to draw Sharks who can help grow their business.



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Turbo Trusser: What does it mean?

Each year, 80 million turkeys in America are eaten on Christmas Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving. You must first wrestle the birds to their surrender in order to truss them. Wrap the thread under the wings, around their neck bones, and underneath the breastplate. Next, knot the thread to join the legs. This is how you secure the birds in your hands as they attempt to flee. Kirk Hyust and Brian Halasinski have the solution. Brian Halasinski & Kirk Hyust created the Turbo Trusser. This clever, cute, device allows you to quickly and easily truss turkeys or birds.


Turbo Trusser makes it easier to truss chickens or turkeys. The stainless steel trusser includes two wire hooks which allow it to connect to the legs. After the legs are placed into the slots in the trusser, they can be removed. The trusser is safe for dishwasher use and compatible with ovens. Turbo Trusser was made in Northeast Ohio. Cleveland Metal Stamping creates the form while Wire Products of Cleveland makes the wire. Wadsworth Rohrer Corp makes the packaging. This packaging, which is safe for dishwashers, was created with turkey in your mind.


It’s easy to see how it works: slide the hooks into a trusser through holes in the eyes of the turkey or chicken. design. The trusser should be placed in front of the body cavity. Next, insert the legs into the correct-formed notches. Hooks allow you to hold the wings in place by hooks.

Who were the founders of this company?

Kirk is Turbo Trusser’s vice-president of product development and Hall of Fame Innovations, LLC’s Vice President of product development. Kirk invented the Kirk Wrench. This wrench adjusts to fit into tight spaces more efficiently than any other. His diploma was awarded by the Culinary Institute of America. He now works as a coach for Invent Right in Nevada, which teaches inventors how to sell their products.


Brian is Turbo Trusser, LLC’s president. He has extensive experience in product development and the introduction of new products into the retail market. His track record is long in the field of medical sales. Malone University MBA, Kent State University MBA are both his degrees.

Kirk and Brian met seven years ago when Kirk was building Brian’s house. After many failed attempts, Kirk and Brian created Turbo Trusser. Both were raised in Ohio Rust Belt. Their decision was to support local businesses. Brian, Kirk, Brian’s wife Bre use a sealing device to complete orders from their warehouse. This is a family business.


Kirk and Brian work both regular jobs while simultaneously managing the company. “You always want to sell more,” Brian, “but being able to generate that kind of sales with very little marketing experience or dollars is pretty good.”He submitted his online application for the job when it was first announced in January. show. They had just reached $50,000 in revenue a month earlier, so he applied for the second time. According to him, the process was easy. He also answered some questions using the online application. He was contacted by ‘Shark Tank producers in April asking for additional information. “They told you throughout the whole process as they continued to narrow it down there were no guarantees you were going to move on,”He claimed. “Even if you taped the show, it didn’t guarantee your (segment) would ever be seen on TV.”


What is the cost of Turbo Trusser?

Turbo Trusser, which was introduced late last year, is in stock at more than 80 retailers across Canada and the United States. Hartville Hardware & Lumber is in Cleveland Heights; Custom Fireplace Shop Jackson Township; Ace shops Kent and Akron have it. The product can also be bought through turbotrusser.comOr Amazon. The founders claim that the product was purchased by customers from Australia, Chile, and Italy. Since its inception, the product has been sold more than 10,000 times. They also have about $100,000 worth of sales. This product is available at a retail price of $14.99


Turbo Trusser: What are you doing now?

It was formed in 2021. Turbo Trusser, a relatively small business today. InstagramFollow 800+ others. Amazon also offers the product. The product has received 73 reviews with an average rating 4.3 stars. The product’s website was launched shortly after it was made. The product was initially available in the United States. In 2021, they submitted an application for an online contest. The product sold $50,000 in two months. Brian said that his product was a success, having sold 65,000 units in its first 90-day. The Trusser devices can be bought at any retail outlet. The product received good reviews, despite it not being sold by many on Amazon.


Turbo Trusser founders Kirk Hyust (abc)

The deal will be sealed by who?

Lori Greiner, one of the sharks they hoped to impress at the taping was Lori Greiner. Brian couldn’t reveal much about the episode, or the sharks that they showed their product to. He only revealed the ending. show aired. “We have a kitchen product,”He explained, “and Lori Greiner does a lot of QVC and our product is very demonstrable. You don’t even know which sharks will be there until right before you go to tape it.”


Shark Lori Greiner might seal the deal if all goes according to plan. Or Shark Kevin O’Leary. The brand’s sales figures as well as its profit margins will determine whether or not sharks invest in it. It will be interesting to see whether the Sharks make a deal.

‘Shark Tank’ABC’s Season 14 Episode 2 airs at 8:30 ET on Friday September 30, 2022. The episode will feature products such as The Woobles & Banana Phones, Stealth Brothers & Co. Turbo Trusser or Stealth Brothers.

Are you a latecomer? Do you want to catch up on the episodes? Hulu also offers the option to view older episodes on demand and next-day. Old episodes and seasons can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.


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