A new set can make you the best version possible of yourself. I don’t know about you but I feel better when I have a fresh set of claws. Neuly-painted nailsI feel confident and on top of things, even if it’s not. Going to the salon twice per month can prove costly, even if you just need your acrylic nails and fills. The cost of each set could reach $80. Prices as low as $50 up to $80For those who love unusual designs, the annual cost could range from $1,200-1,900. Imagine if you could maintain your nails for half the price.

It’s true, my nails are always painted with this. Box of 10 coffin-shaped fake nailsAmazon. When I was young, I used to spend a lot time learning line art. But, you don’t have to be an expert at intricately painting nails to get salon-quality nails at your home. This box of nail tips is expected to last six months, before I need to order another. That’s quite a bargain, I think. Amazon customers would unanimously agree with nearly 15,000 5-star rating. One customer spoke up, “I wished I’d have known to switch [from acrylics] sooner and saved all that time and money!”

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It Ecbasket Natural Coffin Fake nailsThey are safe for your nails and can be used in a set of 500 with 10 sizes. An additional reviewer agreesIt is written. “For anyone [who] has wide thumbs, I can happily tell you they will fit you, too.”This is the nail shape that’s most well-known. “coffin”It is slightly tapered because it has square edges. If this is the shape you prefer, After application, shape your nails easily with a nail filing to make an almond shape. Or reduce their length.

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What can you do for them to look fresh after we’ve established our base? Let me elaborate.

Once you’ve chosen the sizes that best fit your nail beds it’s time for application. A buffer is used to ensure that the nail glue sticks better on the surface. Next, apply 1 to 2 drops. Kiss PowerFlex Nail Glue Maximum SpeedThe inside of your fake nails. The nail will look neatly finished.


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This place is ideal for painting. I love this. Two sets of gel nail polishesAmazon has this product. You can either create a natural or wild look with it. But you can also use whatever color you wish. This can be used to create nail art. Six gel liners in a setAmazon: Only $21. You can change the base color with some creativity. There are so many design options.


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Don’t forget to cure your gel polish in between coats. You will require a UV lamp to ensure gel polish dries fast. Here’s what I used. Gelish mini lampIt’s been around for four years.


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Gel topcoats can be applied to nails once you have achieved a polished, fashionable look. I recommend the following: No Clearance SealerWalmart sells it for $18. It is expensive but has been my top coat for over two years. This thick nail polish will lock your manicure in place, giving you a beautiful shine that lasts for many weeks.


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You’ll get a manicure that looks straight out of a salon after this process. The bill will not be due. Now, this isn’t to say your nail tech or favorite salon is off the table forever — we all need a good pamper on some days and should support local artists whenever possible. This is a good way to cut down on costs and be creative when it comes to your nails.


Get compliments on your Instagram photos, particularly if you’re using a Maddy Perez-inspired set. Euphoria — thank you to Natalie Minerva is an acclaimed celebrity nail artistThese are just a few ideas. You can get the look you want with a box of fake nails. You’ll find yourself admiring your work and feeling proud of all the money you have saved.

I have saved hundreds of dollars by using these DIY fake nails from Amazon

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