The new hot pink color is here! Hot pink is everywhere in honor of the New BarbieThe bright color is set to be the next big thing in movie making, and it’s already getting the spotlight. If you don’t like pink, Sonya BelakhlefAccording to Celebrity Nail Artist ‘the trend is more about bright colors rather than a particular hue. “Most people think of Barbiecore as bright pink, but I see it as any bright neon shades, from highlighter greens and yellows to bright oranges and corals,”They said. “The best part of Barbiecore is that these shades are universal and complement any skin tone, so anyone can rock it.” It also doesn’You don’t need any special nail art techniques or fancy nails. Just a bright, pigmented neon color.

Based on Nail Experts, the Best Nail Trends in 2022

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