Whether you’re looking to curb a nail-biting impulse or simply want a fun manicure, the best nail extensions for bitten nails are easy to apply and long-lasting. There are many colors to choose from, such as subdued or bright corals, and dramatic black. To learn more about nail extensions, and to prevent nails from being bitten, I reached out. Jessica BucklandSyreeta Aaron is an educator and clinical psychologist at State College’s Center of Mental Health. LeChat Nails.

The Best Nail Extensions For Bitten Nails

For long-lasting gel manicures, both reusable double forms and stick nail forms are very popular. Sticker forms temporarily Place one foot under each nailYou can create nail extensions by using gel, and then remove it. You can use this method to make nail extensions. There are two types, you’ll want to find the best size for each of your nails, apply gel to the underside of the form, and press it onto your natural nail. Once the product has set, the dual form pops off and you’re left with a nail extension. Aaron prefers to use dual forms of stickers nail forms rather than glue for tips. They allow for more gel to be applied to the nail to create a long-lasting manicure.

Whatever type you decide to use for gel nail extensions, you can still shape the nail and get the desired length. After the nails are removed, both will need to be buffed and shaped further. The gel nail extensions will last up to two weeks but must be dried with a UV lamp. UV LED lightSometimes it can be purchased separately.

Press-on nails are a quick and easy way to get a manicure. These nails come pre-painted and there are lots of colors and designs available — you’ll just need to find the best size for each nail, apply them with glue, and cut and shape them to your desired length. Nails that have been press-on are more durable. It takes approximately one week, so they’re not as long-lasting as gel extensions.

Aaron suggests that you begin with a “short, active length”For prevention of lifting, avoid bit nails “don’t have length on the natural nail to support longer nails.”Additionally, she suggests you limit the application of nail extensions to your healthy cuticles. Burt’s Bees Cuticle CreamTo soften skin.

With these considerations in mind, I’ve rounded up some of the best nail extensions for bitten nails, and they’re all just a click away.

Get the best nail extensions for bitter nails

Are you looking for quick results? The best extensions for your bitten nails:

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1. The complete package includes two forms. Modelones Nail Form Kit

2. The kit includes Sticker Nail Forms: Kit Saviland Nail art

3. These are the best nail extensions that you can press-on: KISS imPRESS Press on Nails

Why are people bitten by their nails?

Buckland states that chronic nail biting is a form of ailment. “Body-Focused-Repetitive Behavior”(BFRB), and it is not uncommon to pick at your nails or bite your cuticle. “triggered by unrelated anxiety or a random thought.”You can use it with other items. Fidget spinnersElite Daily is told by Buckland that distraction from the urge to bite nails can help. “If nail extensions make it unpleasant to bite nails, that could dissuade the behavior,” adding: “If they cue someone to pause before biting/picking, that could help.”

The Experts

Jessica BucklandPsy.D. Psy.D. is a psychologist in the Center of Mental Health at State College, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Penn State University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Syreeta AaronAlabama-based teacher LeChat NailsSince 2017, she has been teaching. Since 2017, she has been a teacher.

1. A complete kit that includes dual forms

This all-in-one gel extension kitThe kit contains everything needed to create strong, custom-made manicures. You will receive six different gel colors and 72 nail shapes (curved or straight) in 12 sizes. You will find the perfect size for any length of nail. This kit comes with a UV lamp and top, base, and slip solutions that thin the gel for easier application. A variety of nail tools, including a buffer, file, and tweezers, are also included, so it’s easy to see why this kit has more than 11,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. According to the company, manicures will last approximately two weeks.

TIP: Many people have discovered that the use of nail clipsThe form held the glass in place during the cure under the sunlight. It is also recommended by the brand that you use a nail dehydratorGel should be applied before use to ensure better adhesion. Each are available in separate packages.

An informative review “I decided to try poly gel because I bite my fingernails down to the skin. I also don’t like long nails just a natural grown look. I was amazed at how easy this was. I had a few issues with air bubbles and the poly gel clumping underneath but I just redid those. Practice makes perfect but for a first try, I think these look great.”

2. Kit with stickers nail forms and affordable price

This nail extension kit Place disposable sticker forms under your nails to make extensions. You will receive 100 stickers that you can shape to your nail shapes, as well as four different gel nail colors and an extension brush. One reviewer said that the manicure lasts up to three weeks.

What’s more, the kit comes in a variety of color combinations, and you can opt for a set with sequin and rhinestone nail art. It might interest you to add a Slip solutionTo get rid of any residues from curing. But don’t forget to purchase the Ultraviolet LED Lamp required for curing, as it’s not included with these kits.

An informative review “The brush is really easy to work with, love the overall consistency of the gel and the smooth application. There is a little learning curve but the instructions are very helpful and definitely wouldn’t hurt to check out YT on how to use builder gel if you’re more a visual learner […] FYI, I wouldn’t try to use this to build super long nail extensions unless you’re using doing so with tips. Great for overlays, short to medium nail lengths.”

3. These are the Best Nail Extensions You Can Press On

These Use pressure to apply nails boast more than 12,000 reviews, and at under $10 per set, it’s no surprise they’re a best-seller on Amazon. They offer a time-saving alternative to the gel nails above, and though they’ll only last about seven days, they offer an impressive selection of more than 20 colors to make updating your look easy and fun. They feature a shorter length that’s a great option for bitten nails and come with the super-strong glue needed for application. There are also fun colors available. nail art designs too.

An informative review “I am a nail biter and love using these nails stop the habit […] The length is very modest for everyday wear, but I always trim them a little bit shorter to fit my nail bed, they sand and shape easily. One application will last for a week or 2 depending on how hard I am on them.”

You can also get a dip powder set for longer nails

If you’ve grown your nails a bit and are looking for a way to preserve them, this acrylic Set with dip powder nailsThis manicure is great for those who want a lasting look. You will receive everything that you require to put an acrylic coat on your nails. Tip. The easy paint-and-dip process doesn’t require forming or shaping of the nail like most nail extension kits do either. You simply need to apply the base gel on the nails and dip it into one of the eight colors. The activator will then complete the job. You don’t need a UV light for this to work. The effects usually last two to three week.

There are over 14,000 customer reviews for this dip kit, with 11 different colors available. It’s a great way to add color to your nails. While some reviewers aren’t a fan of the smell of the base coat and activator, many write that the odor can easily be dissipated with proper ventilation and a fan.

An informative review “I love how easy this product is to use compared to acrylic. My natural nails are very short and bitten, I used nail tips combined with the Dip Powder and had got beautiful results at home.”


Jessica BucklandPsyD, psychologist with the Center of Mental Health and State College in Pennsylvania

Syreeta Aaron, an educator LeChat Nails

Here are 3 of the Best Nail Extensions for Bitten Nails

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