These words cannot be even spoken. “pearlescent”Or “almond-shaped”Clients have asked nail artists to choose the set-instone glaze doughnut colorway. The manicure trend — popularized by Hailey Bieber — continues to live up to its copious praise.

Sydney SweeneyIt has come as a complete surprise to us. Is there anything you didn’t expect from the two-time Emmy nominee. You can’t. On September 13, nail artist Zola GanzorigtShared the clip from the interview Euphoria actor’s glazed, dipped-in-grey manicure. 

Her fusion of metallic gray French tips and pearlescent powder gave the viral nail trend an ombré twist. Like the final act of Lexie Howard’s infamously riveting school play, it’s unexpected… but kind of just what we needed. 

Ganzorigt shares in an Instagram photo dedicated to Sweeney’s Emmys look how Sweney’s nails were prepared with the OPI GelColor Classic Basal CoatNext came OPI GelColor – Put it in Neutral. The ombré effect began with the OPI GelColor Clean SlateThe nail artist finished the look. OPI Chrome Effects No -Cleanse Coat. Chrome OPI Tin ManPowder gives the manicure a glossy look. It also adds a final touch. OPI GelColor Stay Shiny Top Coat.

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Sydney Sweeney added the “Euphoria” Touch to Glazed Donut Nails – See Video

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