Catari Giglio is a sophomore at Suffolk University and is both a student full-time and a nail technician. While she manages college life, Catari Giglio also owns an acrylic nail salon.

Giglio’s affinity for nails began when she was 14. Giglio’s fascination for nails began when she was 14.

“I wanted to get [my nails] done so badly, but my parents couldn’t really afford to take me to the salon every two weeks,” Giglio said. “I got them done for my birthday one time and I fell in love with them so much, I wanted to have nails on all the time.”

Giglio found inspiration and was determined to learn acrylic nails.

“I found this really cheap beginners kit for acrylics at CVS,”She stated. “And that’s when I just kind of started doing my own nails.”

The business grew from a hobby that began as an individual passion.

During her senior year in highschool, s.Giglio took on client work and began working as a nail technician part-time. Full-time, she is also an undergraduate student.

“It just developed into a business and into a passion, really. I love nails, it’s almost a little obsession. I appreciate not just how pretty they are, but also the technique that it takes to do them. Knowing how to handle the product, the brushes, there’s just so many things people don’t know that go into nails,” Giglio said.

Giglio brought her business easily to Suffolk after she arrived.

“I noticed that in the [student] group chats over the summer, right before freshman year, a lot of the girls were talking about ‘oh, we’re moving to Boston now, we need a new nail tech,’ and I [said], ‘Actually, I do nails and I’m going to be doing them at the dorms,’” Giglio said. “They were all so excited.”

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Giglio had a client even in her first year of move-in. The word spread quickly.

In Suffolk, there were strict restrictions on occupancy and guests during Giglio’s freshman year. While Giglio said she was cautious to follow the restrictions for everyone’s safety, she noted that it added an additional challenge.

“It was a little difficult with restrictions, definitely, but I made sure to not have more than one person in my room at a time,”She stated. 

Giglio stated that she requested clients to wear masks at appointments.

Giglio did not have to deal with COVID-19 when she was building her company at Suffolk. She found it challenging to keep her business and school separate.

“I think one of the mistakes I made freshman year was that I didn’t have a set schedule for nail appointments, and even if I did, I kept making exceptions for people,” said Giglio.

She stated she had to take frequent breaks in order to fix the problem.

Giglio said that since freshman year, she’s found a good balance between her business and school. Giglio is able to manage her responsibilities more effectively by creating a schedule, and scheduling only appointments for weekends.

“I adore doing nails, I love it, and I wish I could dedicate more time to it than I actually do now, but there needs to be a balance with school,” Giglio said.

Looking to the future, Giglio admitted she wasn’t too sure where she saw her passion going, but said she would love to own a small nail studio for her to work out of.

While she said she didn’t see herself running a full salon, Giglio aspires to make her passion more than just a “side hustle.”She shared that seeing her growth as an artist inspires her to strive harder and achieve her dreams.

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“I have pictures from all the way back from when I started of nail sets that I used to do versus the ones I do now, and I think, at least for me, it’s so satisfactory to see the progress and see how much I’ve improved over the years,” Giglio said.

She said that her nail art has improved a lot since her first attempt, but she doesn’t think that is the only skill Giglio has learned. According to her, her experience in the business has shown her invaluable lessons on respecting people and how to mediate in any situation. 

“It’s taught me to deal with all kinds of different people, because even though I love it, it’s a customer service job and we know there can be complications with clients from time to time,”She stated. “But I think it’s given me a better sense of how to treat people and how to treat people with respect, to have mutual professional communication even when someone is frustrating you.”

Giglio currently seeks new clients. He can be found on Instagram @nailsby_catt. You can also use her for appointments.Calendly link in her Instagram bio.

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