You don’t have to choose a manicure that matches your fingernail color. The nail salon is where I always arrive with an open mind and a plan. French classics but left with a French-less, your-nails-but-better manicure, all because I loved how Very goodIt appeared that the base color was all it needed. 

Selena GomezThis nail color was found. This was her second year attending the annual Academy Museum GalaOctober 15, her long-time manicurist, Tom BachikGomez’s nails were covered in a sheer blush color that subtly highlighted her natural nail colors.

Bachik was the one who created the nail color that is now known by his 550,000+ Instagram fans. He pointed out Gomez’s short length on the grid but described the manicure to be simple, chic, and chic. Gelux Gel Polish in shade Rose PetalShe created this beautiful and innate set. 

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You might find it difficult to find nail polishes that match exactly your nails. While Gomez chose a gel lacquerThere are many regular polishes available that will show your nails’ color. You should apply two coats. Nail polish color pH7 Beauty colour pH004This polish can be used to create a neutral pink manicure. However, if you are looking for a rich and shiny beige, check out this year’s. Award winner of Best of Beauty AwardOPI Infinite Shine Shade Tanacious Spirit. This shade is warmer than the other. Sepia Sunset, OrlyYou will get the most glossy caramel brown. 

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Selena Gomez Found the Perfect Your-Nails-But-Better Nail Polish – See Photo

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