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I have to be honest with you: I don’t need much from Amazon’s Early Access Sale. As a beauty editor for more than a decade, I get sample products directly from brands to try so I haven’t bought new makeup or skincare in years. A few of these deals got me in the press Add to your cartThis week. After I bought toys for my cat’s play, I went to the beauty section and was amazed at the prices for press-on nail polishes.
, nail art kits, lamps, etc. Now, I’m pretty much creating my own nail salon right at home.

Pandemic lockdowns have taken my desire to visit a salon away. I don’t know what happened but it feels like such a chore now! This is a huge leap in the field of press-on nails. They used to be just basic colors and French manicure designs but now they’re so detailed and fashionThey look almost like you were visiting a celebrity nail technician. The cost was less than $10. Not $100. That’s a bit more my budget.

Below, the nail deals from Amazon’s Early Access Sale I think are worth shopping before the prices go back up tomorrow.

YoYoee Press Nails

I don’t really have the skills to create the black tips on these almond nails so press-ons
These are your best choices.

Sunjasmine press on nails Im a Skeptical Beauty Editor But This Is the One Product Im Buying During Amazons Early Access Sale

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Sunjasmine 24 pieces Press on Nails Medium

These colorful designs cost how much? But they’re now less than $6
. It’s hard to beat that deal.

glamnetic nails Im a Skeptical Beauty Editor But This Is the One Product Im Buying During Amazons Early Access Sale


Glamnetic Press On Nails – Cloud 9

These are the latest press-ons
They are described by fans as having a cool jelly-like finish that lasts through many days of work.

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Press-On Nails Are My Choice for Amazon’s Early Access Sale 2022

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