In September, Oregon lost 600 nonfarm payroll jobs. It was the first time in 12 months that there had been gains. Losses in September were largest in other services (-1,500 jobs), government (-1,100 jobs), and financial activities (-700). These losses were balanced by gains in professional and business services (+1,400), health care and social assistance (+1,000), manufacturing (+800), and leisure and hospitality (+600).

Oregon’s private sector added 500 jobs in September, reaching an all-time high of 1,676,100. It was 0.3% higher than the February 2020 peak (pre-recession) of 4.400 jobs.

Other services—one of the smallest of the major industries, employing 61,200 in September—has pulled down overall jobs in recent months. Following a jump of over 4,200 jobs between May-July, the company has reduced 2,700 of its jobs. A wide range of organizations including religious and civic organisations have cut jobs since September.

Following a bad performance in 2021 health care has rebounded strongly this year. Between January and September 2022 it created 10,800 additional jobs. Each of its four component industries added jobs during that time, with two growing at the fastest rate and adding the most jobs: ambulatory health care services (+4,500 jobs) and social assistance (+3,100).

Accommodation and food services continued to recover from the Pandemic Recession, adding 2,400 jobs in September and gaining 16,100 jobs over the past 12 months. However, the number of jobs is still below 6,500 from February 2020’s prepandemic peak.

Oregon’s unemployment rate edged up to 3.8% in September from 3.7% in August, and was above the recent low of 3.5% reached in May, June, and July. U.S. unemployment rates fell from 3.7% and 3.5% in August, to 3.5% by September. Despite slight differences in their movements in recent months, both the U.S. unemployment rate and Oregon’s unemployment rate have each averaged 3.6% since March.

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Source: Oregon Employment Department

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