Wren Altis, a freshman, uses Amazon supplies to apply acrylic nails at home. It takes hours of practice and materials purchased online. In addition to doing her own nails, she also does her friend freshman AnnMarie Geise’s nails.

Altis became inspired by several posts from social media and started to make her acrylic nails herself in June 2021. 

“I had seen Tik Toks and YouTube videos of people that would do their own nails and I thought it was interesting,” Altis said. “Then, I bought my own stuff to start doing [nails].”

AnnMarie Geise, a freshman shows off her nails with Wren Altis, her friend. (By Damara Stevens)

Altis lists the materials she needs to create a nail set. 

“I use Gelx nail extensions and you cure the nails with a certain gel. I also use Just Gel nail polish, UV lights, electric nail files and all that type of stuff,” Altis said. “I buy all my products from Amazon.”

Altis began learning how to do her nails with Geise and later learned it herself. 

“Wren has been doing my nails since September,” Geise said, “I prefer Wren doing my nails because we are friends so it is easy to tell her what I want. If there is something wrong, I can tell her.” 

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Altis started to practice more, and Geise saw a difference in her nails. Geise recommended that Altis do her nails at home instead of visiting a salon. 

“I am extremely happy with how they turn out every time. Wren does as good of a job as a professional would,” Geise said. “It is way more relaxing for me because I don’t have to go into a salon with people I don’t know.”

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Not only is it efficient for Altis to do her nails, it is cheaper for her when it comes to  purchasing supplies. 

“All my products together are about $60, but to get your nails done once is about $60,” Altis said, “In the long run it is a lot cheaper than going to get your nails done in a salon. They just last longer.”

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