You don’t have to spend the time to make jelly nails polish. This look is still possible. A variety of jelly nail varnishes are available to allow you to still do your nails, with less effort. For example, the Lavender Zoya Nail Laquer Naked Manicure is super summery and stylish. Ulta offers this nail polish at $12 This nail polish has been rated 4.5 stars. It might be worth considering the Cirque Colors Hot Pink Jelly Nail Polish – Cirque Colors. Amazon sells this pink jelly nail polish for $13. The product has received an average rating of 4.3 stars. It is also a great alternative to this. GAOY Icy Gel Nail Polishes SetThis is Amazon’s Choice. These gel nail varnishes are $16 each and come with 4.5-star ratings.

For those who prefer jelly nails to polish, there are many options. The jelly nail options include the KISS Jelly Fantasy NailsKISS offers these shimmery pink shades in ultra-girly colours. These shades are only $10 These products are highly rated with over 200 reviews and range between 4 to 5 stars. You can also find the following: Glamnetic Press for Nails in Cloud 9They have the jelly appearance and are currently the best-selling product. These products are $15 at Amazon. You are ready to rock jelly nails?

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You can use jelly nails for next manicure.

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