I won’t say I started the Use the press-on nailBut, trend. One story that I wrote in March 2020 (right before the world shut down and no one could get their nails done) was a big reminder to the world that press-on nails exist — and they’re better than ever before.

It’s Not lost on me that, since then, everyone has started wearing press-on nails again. I’m It is notI was taking credit. I was just doing my job. When I state that I am an expert on press-on nails, I really mean it.

It was hard to be a diehard. Nail girls can press-onIt has been around for almost fifteen years. The idea started in 2001 when I attempted to pick up a set of nail varnishes for Warped Tour. I now have more nail glue, press-on nails and nail polish in my drawer than any actual polish. Although I admire the DIY nail art girls and the at-home gel kit guys, that won’t be me. You are a blessing to me that I am able to make simple nail colors in no time. ORLY, Essie, JINSoonIt isn’t enough. I do have the patience, but the temperament. They can create art using their words, not a brush. I respond quickly to compliments about my nails and remind them they’re false.

Right now, it’s clear that press-ons are rivaling regular manicures, so I couldn’t resist sharing some of the very best to have graced my hands recently…


KISS Nails

All KISS takes over, it’s doing it well. These have been my go-to for years, whether it’s the FantasyThe Line Be More Effortless, but Still BetterLimited edition collabs are also available. These were my first crush in high school when I was applying for my high school. French manicures in theatre class while my classmates looked on in… is bemusement the correct word? That’s the word I’ll use.

The KISS nail polish(Not for the Incredible press-ons, I’m talking about the ones that require glue to apply) are durable, long-lasting and not wildly expensive. I’d put money on you walking into any pharmacy in America and finding a set of KISS nails hanging on the wall. To my surprise, I find KISS nails in the suburbs that were not available at CVS or Target. That, to me, is why they’re deep in my heart, forever and ever. Amen.

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Static Nails

Let’s start with the one. Static Nails: they’re not everywhere. I love Static Nails if you just need nails on without thought — no stress, no problem. Its packaging shows you what you’re getting, and usually, it’s a simple gel manicure-style nail. But that doesn’t mean they’re boring or not on trend — Static has been doing chrome nailsLong Hailey Bieber was beforeGlazed donut manicures are now a thing. It was both long and affordable. These are my favorite.


GlamneticThis is, according to me at least, nail-biting. When it comes to designMarket, press-ons are the most important. They’re so cute, easy to apply, and the brand seems to be paying attention to the market and what’s happening in nails. I’ve not reused them, (only in the case of one popping off and having to reapply very quickly). These are still in my emergency kit, as I am often complimented.

For size differences, however, I am willing to accept points. As a person with tiny nail beds, I often feel like I’m swimming in a graveyard of Nails That Were Too Long For This World. Because of the design, you have to commit to the nail length, unless you’re really good with a pair of nail trimmers. I am not. These are great for adventurous people who don’t want to be too busy.

Chillhouse Chill Tips

Yes, of course ChillhouseIt is a must-have Create your own line of press-ons. I’ve always loved this nail salon, and boasted its love in the streets (my colleague Carly Danner and I wore the Chill Tips while hosting this summer’s Refinery29 Live Shopping). These nails can be worn up to 14 days. It’s like they’ve placed something magic in the nail glue. Though on me, there’s always one pesky little nail that doesn’t stay put. That’s just the way life goes. The designs can be very difficult and take commitment. The designs are very consistent in terms of length and trimming. Chillhouse is my suggestion for beginner nail-pressing players.

Honourable Mentions

Nails in LA

No, I’m not being influenced my boss because she has Collaboration with herNails in Los Angeles. They are so easy to apply, I’ve given them to friends and family at Christmas. The reason why they’re not included in the full round-up is that I just wish there were Continue readingYou can find them in many different forms.

Trés She

Trés She is truly for the trendsetter: the coffin-shape, full-length gal. Although it is unlikely I’ll ever become that woman, I do love the fact that these styles can be shaped and restyled. These are for press-on nail games. The cost of these products compared to the investment and the potential return. These are stunning.

Marmalade Nails

I love these nails because they are durable, stylish, and beautiful. I find the brand to be extremely precise when it comes down to nailing fashion trends. Velvet nails, Nails made of glass chrome nails. These nails were not only one of the most important things I learnt from lockdown but they also taught me how to make bread.

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What do you think? What do you like about what you see here?

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