Vegan indie nail care brand Pear Nova has debuted its first collection of Layovers luxury faux nails inspired by Marvel Studios’ anticipated film, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”
In October 2022, the Black Panther forever Layovers and Pear Nova collections go on sale. Pearnova.comUnd This collaboration includes three sets of Layovers that feature custom-made nail designs from minorities and creatives. The kits will contain 24 fake nails with almond shapes and one buffer, along with one cuticle stick and one cuticlestick, as well one 1.8ml bottle of nail glue.

Each set will be available at $25.50 and the 3-set collection at $70

Pear Nova is an independent beauty company based in Chicago.


James & Black Panther, Pearnova CEO

I am a big fan Marvel Studios’Rachel James (Pear Nova CEO) was the founder and director for the first Black Panther movie. She felt inspired to make a nail art line that captured the spirit of the film. “resilience, vibrancy and innovation”Wakandan culture is stated by the company.
“As a boy-Mom turned Marvel fanatic, I, like so many other people, fell in love with all the elements of Black Panther. From Wakanda’s rich culture to female governance, I was completely inspired by their world and everything in it. In creating our first collection of Layovers, I wanted to pay homage to the story that inspired so many and express the adoration I felt for Black Panther and Wakanda,”James. “I also wanted to develop a product that would make my sons proud, and I think with this collection, we’ve accomplished all of that and more.”
Televsion was a previous partner of the beauty brand. “Claws”Happi.

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Pear Nova, Indie Beauty Company Launches Black Panther Wakanda forever Nail Collection

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