HAILEYBIEBER sparked a global nail fashion when she displayed her pink nails “glazed doughnut”Nails earlier in the year

And while hundreds of nail experts have taken to social media to explain how to get the look – it’s usually with gel polish.

A nail expert has revealed how to get Hailey Bieber’s “glazed doughnut”You can use gel nail polish on your nails, but not gel varnishCredit to tiktok


The first coat was a sheer Essie polish. Next, she added a topcoat and waited for it to dry.Credit to tiktok
She then applied some chrome powder on top of the top coat before adding another layer of top coat


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After applying the top coat, she added some chrome powder to it before applying another coat.Credit to tiktok
The results were pretty, pink and subtle


These results were subtle, pretty and pink.Credit to tiktok

TikTok has a pro who shows you how to get the same look with normal nail polish.

The woman applied a sheer base colour – using Essie’s Sheer Fantasy – before using a quick dry top coat.

She then used OPI’s Chrome Effects powder in Tin Man Can, applying it with an eyeshadow brush to rub it into the top coat.

She finished the job by using a fanged make-up brush for removing excess makeup, and then applied one final layer of topcoat.

“How to use chrome powder with regular nail polish on natural nails,”She captioned her video.

In the comments, she wrote: “This one is kinda hard to find at a reasonable price right now, but check Amazon for more options!”

“omg whattttttt,”A comment was made by one individual.

Another added: “So pretty.”

Another person asked the nail professional how long it had been. “I only wore it 3 days before I took it off, but it wore perfectly!”

“Do you have to wait till the top coat dries?”Another person is questioned.

She replied, “Yes.”

However, not everyone liked the video. Here’s one: “Isn’t this glazed donut trend just frosted nail polish from the 90s/2000s?”

I’m a nail expert – how to get Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails WITHOUT using gel polish

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