Everyone is trying to find ways to cut costs in this current crisis of the cost-of-living. A regular beauty treatment is a top priority.

And one woman who used to spend £60 a month on getting her nails done has figured out a way to cut down on costs while also keeping up her beauty regime.

Sam Vangeen used to spend £60 a month on having her nails done, but now does them herself at homeCredit: Tiktok


Sam often gets asked about her nail health in these times of high living costs.Credit: Tiktok
She now buys boxes of coffin shaped nails online, and they still look brilliant


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Now, she order boxes of nails in coffin shapes online. They still look incredible.Credit: Tiktok

“So I get asked about my nail colours and my little bits of jewellery quite often,” Sam Vangeen was interviewed in TikTok..

“I don’t wear the same color and sometimes I wear something different.”

“Because guess what? I’ll let you into a secret. These are not my real nails.”

Sam showed Sam then the nails boxes that she orders regularly online.

“This is what I buy,”She spoke.

“Lots of different colours, coffin style, and I prefer plain on the top because I can cut them down.”

Sam said that her new hobby had saved her a lot of money and was an excellent investment. “fortune”.

“I used to go twice a month to go and get my nails done, and it used to cost me £30 a time – so that’s £60 a month just on my nails,”She spoke.

“I’d hate to know how much they are now!”

Her false nails were a source of pride. “These are not expensive, they’re really not.

“So, if your man/woman gives you money to go get your nails done, get them done and take the change with you. 

“Go have some fun, save some money and you can thank me later!”

“Those are so good! I use those too!”A comment was left by one person.

“how long do they last?”Yet another question.

Sam responded: “Ages but occasionally a nail may pop off but always keep a nail glue on you.”

She also shared that she uses Amazon’s extra strong nail glue to keep her nails in place.

I used to spend £60 a MONTH on my nails, but I’ve found a brilliant way to save money and still have terrific talons

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