PLANNING COMISSION RECEIVES QNS INNOVATION Donovan Richards Jr. is the Queens Borough President. He made the statement in response to the September 21st 10,3 vote by the City Planning Commission for approval of Innovation QNS in Astoria. “New York City is in the throes of a housing crisis, with Astoria families feeling that crush harder than most, but we have an incredible opportunity before us to reverse this tragic trend. I stand by my recommendation that certain commitments be made by the Innovation QNS development team to meet this moment, such as significantly increasing the number of affordable housing units and expanding the lowest affordable income band to those earning 30 percent of the area median income,”Richards, Borough President. “I have a deep respect for the City Planning Commission and its work, and I am hopeful today’s vote will lead to a healthy dialogue and community-first solutions as Innovation QNS proceeds to the City Council. I remain in close contact with the developers, my fellow elected officials and all our community stakeholders, and will continue to push for true community-first solutions on the issues of affordability and equity.”

SPEAKER ON SECURITY CAMERAS IN NYC SUBWAY CARS Statement from Speaker Adrienne Adams, Finance Committee Chair Justin Brannan & Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chair Selvena N. Brooks-Powers on Governor and MTA’s Plans to Install Security Cameras in NYC Subway Cars

“As New Yorkers continue to emerge from the pandemic, it is paramount that our City and State restore riders’ confidence in a transit system that is safe, reliable, and well-functioning, while still respecting New Yorkers’ civil liberties. Today’s announcement of new funding to install security cameras in subway cars and stations is a welcome step towards that shared goal. It is critical that the MTA ensures that these cameras are operational and maintained to avoid malfunctions, and considers complementary infrastructure investments to make our subways stations safer. Riders should have confidence that they are equally safe on our mass transit system, which is the lifeblood of our city and local economy.”

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced that New York City Transit’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority received $2million through the Urban Area Security Initiative federal grants program. The funds will be used to install cameras on every subway car. This will increase security and passenger trust in the safety of mass transit. U.S. Department of Homeland Security grants include a program called Urban Area Security Initiative. Funding will cover the purchase of 5,400 cameras to be mounted on 2,700 New York City Transit subway trains. Two cameras per car. A total of 3,800 cameras will be funded to increase coverage in 130 subway stations.

The funding will further strengthen NYC Transit’s existing security network of more than 10,000 cameras across all 472 subway stations. The new funding covers the cost of camera installation on 6,355 cars, allowing the MTA to fully outfit every subway car with cameras — supplementing an existing camera pilot program that includes 200 cameras in 100 subway cars. Subway Action Plan funds totaling $3.5million will be used to purchase 7,310 cameras for 3655 cars. Two per vehicle. It will cost $5.5 million to install. The installation of the cameras will be completed by January 1st. 200 additional trains cars will also receive cameras every month. This way, all metro cars in the fleet can become camera-equipped. It is anticipated that this will happen in 2025. Camera-equipped subway cars R211 will also arrive in early 2023.

RELEASE ON ANNIVERSARY HURRICANE MARIA On Sept. 20, the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Maria’s landfall in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Representative Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) has introduced a House resolution reaffirming Congress’ commitment to helping to restore the islands to their full potential. With more than 3000 people losing their lives, Hurricane Maria is the deadliest hurricane in American history. Senator Bob Menendez (D–NY) introduced a companion resolution to the Senate.

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Five years ago, the lives of Puerto Ricans and those with ties to the island changed forever,” said Rep. Velázquez. “More than three thousand perished not only because of a natural disaster, but also as a direct result of political mismanagement by the Trump administration. This resolution is about honoring those lost, but also reaffirming the commitment of the federal government to do right for the island. Due to the recent landfall of Hurricane Fiona, the people of Puerto Rico are once again forced to face the devastating effects of a hurricane. While we continue to reflect on this solemn anniversary, we must work to fix the challenges that plague the island such as the failing electrical grid and a lack of full parity in federal benefits. I will continue to ensure under the Biden Administration, FEMA and other federal agencies need to work together to help rebuild the island’s infrastructure to be more sustainable and withstand future storms.”

“As we remember those who lost everything during Hurricane Maria five years ago today, one of the most devastating weather phenomena to affect the United States, my heart breaks for the people of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic following the landfall of Hurricane Fiona,” said Sen. Menendez. “This most recent storm demonstrates why the United States must do everything in its power to support our fellow Americans on the island as they find themselves yet again having to rebuild during great uncertainty for the future. The people of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands deserve to know that the full force of the federal government stands behind them as they work to build a stronger, more sustainable future for all. Unfortunately, we are just beginning to grapple with the extent of Hurricane Fiona’s damages. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. My colleagues and I stand ready to support the people of Puerto Rico with urgent resources and critical funding.”


Eric Adams, New York City Mayor: “We call Puerto Rico our sixth borough, and as Hurricane Fiona leaves behind a path of destruction, our administration stands ready to provide all of the support and aid our brothers and sisters need. An initial team of New York City emergency management specialists is being deployed today to assess the damage and determine how we can best help. Based on initial reports, we are also looking at possibly readying a larger multi-agency team to deploy in the coming days. We are in constant contact with those on the ground and are determining how we can be most helpful in the days and weeks ahead.”

Letitia Jam, New York Attorney-General: “I am fully supportive of all efforts to send resources to Puerto Rico during this time of need and I join my colleagues in expressing our thoughts for the people in harm’s way. But the truth is, bandaids and prayers aren’t enough. We need to look at the structural problems – both natural and human-made – that have allowed and perpetuated this continued vulnerability and devastation. We must take action to address issues with the power grid, the financial underpinnings of the island, and the resources available to communities during these times of crisis. Instead of only responding to the aftermath of a crisis, we must take action now to prevent future devastation and protect our communities in Puerto Rico.”

CONSIDER BUYING QENEENS HOMES, IF FLOOD RISKS ARE YOU. Grace Meng (D.Queens), U.S. Rep., wrote to Mayor Adams last Wednesday to request that he implement a voluntary purchase program for residents who are at greatest risk from severe flooding in storms.

Other Queens elected officials signed the correspondence encouraging the mayor use $187million of federal Ida aid money New York City had received through the Community Development Block Grant disaster recovery funding. The money was included in Congress’ Disaster Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act. It was passed last year by Meng. The city is working on a plan for how to spend the money, which may be used locally for home purchase.

“In Queens, lives were turned upside down by the unprecedented flooding that the remnants of Hurricane Ida caused last year, and constituents continue to pick up the pieces from the damage they sustained,”Meng. “And many who were impacted by Ida were also affected by last week’s flooding, forcing them to endure additional setbacks. In order to address this issue in our borough, we must use every tool that is at our disposal, and implementing a voluntary buyout program, in conjunction with my call to upgrade our sewers and catch basins with money from the federal infrastructure bill, would go a long way toward helping to combat the problem, and improve the safety and well-being of our communities. We must act to help save lives and prevent future property damage.”

The CDBG-DR funding could be used for the design and implementation of a buyout plan where properties could be purchased in a targeted area to make way for parks, open spaces, flood storage, or overflow areas.

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards signed the letter along with State Senators John Liu (State Senators John Liu) and Queens Assembly members Catalina Cruz, Andrew Hevesi, and Queens Council Member Linda Lee.

REQUEST A ONE YEAR WAIVER OF THE JONES ACT Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) led seven Members of Congress in writing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security calling for the Jones Act to be temporarily waived to expedite supplies being shipped into Puerto Rico’s ports in order to accelerate the island’s recovery from Hurricane Fiona.

“The island is now facing an unprecedented uphill battle to rebuild its homes, businesses, and communities,”These were the words spoken by legislators. “Temporarily loosening these requirements – for the express purpose of disaster recovery – will allow Puerto Rico to have more access to the oil needed for its power plants, food, medicines, clothing, and building supplies.”

In addition to Velázquez, the letter was signed by Representatives: Jesús G. “Chuy” García, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Juan Vargas, Ritchie Torres, Raúl M. Grijalva, Carolyn B. Maloney, and Adriano Espaillat.

‘GRANT TPS TO PAKISTANI NATIONALS’: Officials from the United States have responded to floods that nearly 33 million people were affected by and submerged one third of Pakistan. Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator from New York, joined eleven senators to send a request to President Biden to grant Temporary Protected Statute (TPS) to Pakistani nationals living in the United States. TPS allows Pakistani citizens to stay in the U.S. until Pakistan is rehabilitated. Many areas in Pakistan have been rendered uninhabitable and unsafe by the ongoing crisis. At least $10 billion has been caused by the crisis. Contaminated water supplies have also been contaminated, spreading waterborne illnesses such as malaria, diarrhea and acute respiratory infection.

According to the letter, “We write to respectfully urge your Administration to consider designating the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Unprecedented flooding has caused more than 1,500 deaths in Pakistan, including 536 children, and has affected approximately 33 million people. Due to the gravity of the crisis, the United States must ensure Pakistani nationals who are currently in the United States don’t have to return home to dangerous conditions.

“Current conditions in Pakistan represent an ongoing environmental disaster – one of the statutory bases for TPS designation. Extreme flooding has left most regions of the country uninhabitable and unsafe. According to data from the European Space Agency, approximately one-third of Pakistan is underwater. The Indus River is exceeding its capacity, which has led officials to evacuate entire villages in hopes of mitigating further disaster. Half of Pakistan’s municipal districts have declared a “state of calamity” and the country’s National Disaster Management Authority estimates that one in seven Pakistanis has been affected. According to Pakistan’s finance minister, the damage is likely to exceed $10 billion, which is equivalent to 4 percent of the country’s annual gross domestic product.

“Even as Pakistanis are reeling from the physical destruction caused by the flooding, they are also facing the spread of waterborne illness that this environmental crisis has exacerbated. Tens of thousands have been struck by diarrhea, malaria, skin and eye infections (ARI), typhoid, and other issues that result from contamination of the water supply. While we applaud your Administration’s decision to provide a much needed $30 million in humanitarian assistance and dispatch a USAID Disaster Assistance Response Team, further action is needed to mitigate the harmful effects of this crisis.

“Forcing Pakistanis to return to a country that is experiencing what U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres has called a relentless impact of “epochal”Due to high flood and rainfall levels, it would be a major obstacle for relief efforts. This could cause further displacement and destabilization in the area, as well as undermine U.S. defense interests.8 TPS is used to provide relief for individuals who cannot return to their homes due to extreme environmental and public health conditions.

Additionally, designating Pakistan for TPS would also contribute to your Administration’s multi-pronged disaster response. It would decrease the strain on Pakistani infrastructure and provide a safe haven for those who cannot return to their homes or whose homes have been destroyed…TPS is a small but consequential step that the United States can take to immediately reduce the human suffering caused by this natural disaster and would reaffirm our stance as a global leader committed to humanitarian relief efforts and protections.”

‘BE AWARE OF SCAMS TIED TO STUDENT DEBT RELIEF’: Governor Kathy Hochul issued a warning to consumers about scammers taking advantage of the recent student debt relief plan to steal borrowers’ money and personal information. Scammers use fake government agencies to create an urgency, promising students loan relief right away. Borrowers are reminded that it’s important to stay vigilant, well-informed and prepared for any fraud related to this new relief plan. The Governor Hochul has signed legislation that expands and simplifies access to federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Programs across the state. The legislation clarifies what is considered full-time work in order for PSLF to be accessible. This legislation also gives public servants the power to certify employment for workers. It removes many barriers that prevent them from accessing this program.

“New Yorkers work hard for every dollar they earn and the student loan forgiveness plan will be critical to helping reduce the pressures of mounting debt,”Governor Hochul said. “Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals and scammers are using this as an opportunity to take advantage of others. Today, we’re putting scammers on notice: we will not let you take advantage of hard-working New Yorkers. I urge everyone to remain vigilant and stay informed to stop these bad actors in their tracks.”

Federal Student Relief Plan: What do you need to know?

On August 24, 2022, the Biden Administration unveiled a plan in three parts that would assist borrowers of federal student loans from middle and working-class families. This plan contains:

  1. Last extension of the student loan repayment pause through December 31, 2022, and loan forgiveness up to $20,000 for eligible persons
  2. To reduce the monthly repayments of low- to middle-income borrowers, improve the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and make it income-driven.
  3. The cost of college will not only protect future students, but also make it more affordable.

U.S. Department of Education quickly works to improve student loans. More information will be made available soon. You are encouraged to log into your account by the Department of Education. StudentAid.govCreate an account to ensure your contact information stays current. Sign up for notifications when additional information becomes available.

Here are some ways to avoid student loan forgiveness fraud

  1. You should only trust reliable sources. Do not go anywhere else. “.gov”Visit these sites if you require assistance. To provide information to borrowers about current program details and accuracy, the U.S. Department of Education has launched a website. The site contains general information as well as frequently asked questions. This section provides more details on the student loan relief program.
  2. Don’t trust any person or program who promises you early or special access, or guaranteed eligibility. In exchange for paying a fee, companies may reach out to you and offer help with loan forgiveness, cancellation, cancellation, or debt relief. Some companies may offer assistance with your application, or even help you cancel the loan. In October, the loan forgiveness application opens. You cannot get early access and you don’t have to pay anything for federal student aid. If you receive any of these offers, it’s a scam.
  3. Don’t give your personal information, Federal Student Aid ID or social security number to anyone who contacts you. You will not be contacted by the Department of Education about this initiative. Only work with the U.S. Department of Education. Never give anyone your passwords or other personal information. Emails to Borrowers will only be authenticated from this source. [email protected]
  4. Report any scams you encounter. To report scams, contact the Federal Trade Commission or visit the Federal Student Aid official website. The U.S. Department of Education has additional resources and tips.
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A voluntary mediator between a company and customer is available if a consumer cannot reach an agreement on their own. The New York State Division of Consumer Protection can help a consumer resolve their problem. You can reach the Consumer Assistance Hotline at 1-800-697-1220 Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm (except on State holidays). You can also file consumer complaints at any time at

You can follow @NYSConsumer on Twitter or Facebook to get more consumer protection tips

HATE CASE OF DESTROYING GANDHI STATUE Melinda Katz the Queens District attorney announced September 19 that Sukhpal Sing has been charged with hate crime and criminal mischief in relation to allegedly smashing a Tulsi Mandir Temple statue. This incident occurred on Tuesday, August 16th at 3:00 am.

District Attorney Katz said, “As alleged, the defendant, along with several unapprehended others, committed a disgraceful act of violence against a Mahatma Gandhi statue that has become a universal symbol of peace, unity and inclusivity. Hate and bias-motivated attacks have no place in our communities and my Office will hold such perpetrators accountable. The defendant has been apprehended and is charged appropriately.”

Singh, a Little Neck Road resident of Queens, was detained on Sept. 17, and is facing one charge each for criminal mischief (criminal mischief) and criminal mischief. He was brought before Queens Criminal Court Judge Odessa Kennedy. The judge ordered Singh to appear in court on October 17. Singh, if convicted could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison

According to the complaint on the 16th of August at 9:00 AM, a priest from Tulsi Mandir Temple, 103-26, 111th Street, observed that Mahatma Gandhi’s statue had been broken up into many pieces. The words were also missing “Kutta Dog”Spray-painted the pieces.

On August 16, officers also saw video surveillance that captured five men pushing the Mahatma Gandhi statue down, smashing it with a sledgehammer and spray painting it before running toward Liberty Avenue. Some entered a Mercedes Benz C-Class car bearing # KUG9664 while others entered a Toyota Camry.

DA Katz stated that it was discovered by the NYPD that defendant Singh was the registered owner for the Mercedes Benz vehicle seen in video surveillance.

RAJKUMAR’S ON ANTI-HINDU HATE CRIME ARREST: Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar’s statement on the first arrest in the anti-Hindu hate crime against the Tulsi Mandir: “I spoke to District Attorney Melinda Katz and am pleased to report that one of the alleged perpetrators of the anti-Hindu hate crime at Tulsi Mandir has been arrested and charged. I thank District Attorney Katz, NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force Captain Jerome Bacchi, Mayor Eric Adams, Gregory Meeks, and all the partners who joined forces to fight hate. I began this conversation with local Hindu leaders at the mandir last Month. It became a global discussion which even received support from the White House, with President Biden condemning the hate-fueled attack.

“This kind of interfaith and global unity is exactly what we need right now to defeat the forces of hate. Incidents of anti-Hindu hate have been increasing, with a study by Rutgers University finding that anti-Hindu sentiments are on the rise. The FBI’s hate-crime data explorer has also recorded several incidents of “anti-Hindu bias”All across the country

“As the first Hindu-American elected to office in New York State, I am guided by the Hindu principles taught at Tulsi Mandir and adopted by Gandhi himself. Those teachings include mutual respect for all faiths, satyagraha (soul force), and ahimsa (nonviolence), the same principles that famously inspired civil rights hero Martin Luther King, Jr. We have realized Gandhi’s dream here in Richmond Hill, where Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Jews live together in harmony, often on the same block. We will not allow hate-fueled perpetrators to stand in our way of that peace.

“Today, I do not call for harsh punishment against the perpetrator apprehended, for Gandhi himself believed that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. In keeping with this spirit, I call for all those involved in this act of hate to educate themselves about the mutual respect and inclusivity taught by Gandhi, and adopt love in their hearts towards all. Myself and the Hindu community are ready to embrace them with open arms. I invite the perpetrators to drop the sledgehammer and join with us in the cause of peace.”

ANTI-SEMITIC ATTACK AT FAR ROCKAWAY Melinda Katz announced that James Purcell (aka James Porcell) was facing a hate crime charge for attacking an Israeli male in Far Rockaway on Tuesday.

District Attorney Katz said, “This defendant is accused of assaulting an individual of the Jewish faith while making anti-Semitic statements. We will not tolerate assault motivated by hate in the most diverse county in the world. These acts are offenses against our shared values and our shared right to safety and peace in our neighborhoods. This defendant is charged appropriately and will be held to account.”

Purcell from Ocean Crest in Far Rockaway, was arrested on six charges of criminal offenses. Three counts are against Purcell: third-degree assault as hate crime; assault, third degree; obstructing the government administration in 2nd degree; resisting arrest; and second-degree aggravated harassment. If convicted, Purcell may be sentenced up to 4 years imprisonment.

Criminal charges state that the defendant approached the man of 58 years, as he was walking along Beach 25th Street near Beach Channel Drive at 11:40 AM on September 13, 2022. Sub. “shut up Jew, I’ll make you shut up.”

Katz, District Attorney stated that Purcell then allegedly punched the victim in his face and continued to attack him shouting hateful words.

101st Police Precinct personnel tried to arrest Purcell following his escape from the crime scene. Purcell fled from police after refusing multiple commands to stop. Purcell reportedly tried to conceal his arms, twist his body and avoid being arrested after Purcell was caught.

ADAMS and NYCEM EMERGENCY MAGERS Eric Adams, the New York City mayor announced today that another team of New York City workers will travel to Puerto Rico in order to help officials assess the extent of Hurricane Fiona’s damage. Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency and Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), among others, will support the team in assessing the impact of the floods on infrastructure and services. New York City Emergency Management and New York City Department of Buildings representatives will join the team. NYCEM will continue to monitor the situation in affected countries and provide assistance.

“Once again, our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and other Caribbean countries are facing darkness because of a devastating hurricane. With Hurricane Fiona leaving the region, we know that this is a painful moment for so many here in our city and across the globe,”Mayor Adams “New York City stands with our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and all affected countries. A first group of emergency responders are already on the ground, ready to respond and assess the needs, and we are ready, willing, and able to send additional assistance needed to those impacted by this devastating storm. I want to thank all the staff at NYCEM, and all our first responders, for their work aiding all those affected.”

It encourages citizens to donate to trusted non-profits. The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City has created a webpage, which directs those interested in donating to those affected by Hurricane Fiona to some trusted nonprofits.

Puerto Rico was visited by a group of emergency management professionals to help meet their needs. The team works in collaboration with PREMA and FEMA to connect with San Juan, as well small localities, to evaluate the need and decide how New York City could help. A larger multi-agency team of eleven specialists and emergency responders, was dispatched last week to assist in ongoing relief efforts. These included helping rebuild the connectivity of smaller towns and clearing fallen trees. The city will monitor and provide any additional assistance as needed.

New York State Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar said, “At a time when 1.2 million people in Puerto Rico are without power, and 27% of the island has no running water, I commend Mayor Adams for his humanity and compassion in delivering this aid, as we all work together in the rebuilding process.”

STABILITY OF THE BANKS IN EXECUTING BURDENS OF HURRICANE VICTIMS Governor Kathy Hochul announced new actions to engage New York’s financial services industry to support residents of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. According to the Department of Financial Services, banks with New York State-chartered status are required by law to take every step possible in order help customers and businesses affected. They include the waiver of ATM late fees and increasing ATM withdrawal limits. Many New Yorkers will be able to ease their financial burdens and support their Puerto Rican friends and family by taking these actions.

“As they rebuild from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Fiona, Puerto Rico is in critical need of a wide range of resources and assistance that New York is ready to provide,”Governor Hochul said. “We will do everything in our power to help our sisters and brothers on the island of Puerto Rico during this time of crisis, and the actions announced today offer additional financial aid and support from New York to help them on their road to recovery.”

Harris, the Financial Services Superintendent instructed banks to do everything possible to aid customers affected by hurricanes.

  • All ATM fees are waived
  • Exemption from Overdraft Fees
  • Reduced cashing restrictions on out-of-state or non-customer checks
  • New loans are available with credit terms:
  • For credit-worthy customers, the limit of credit cards will be raised
  • No late fees on credit cards and loans
  • Payment arrangements that allow customers to delay or skip payments or extend payment due dates would be a great way to prevent delinquencies and negative credit agency reporting.
  • To facilitate and speed up the flow of money and cash to victims of Hurricane Fiona, we collaborate with money transmitters as well as money service companies.

Since Hurricane Maria, New York has helped Puerto Rico secure billions of dollars in federal funding from FEMA to recover and rebuild the island’s energy infrastructure, in addition to NYPA performing technical assessments of powerplants and substations on the island. New York State aid was announced by Governor Hochul for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona. This storm, the most severe to strike the island in many years. These efforts have further strengthened New York’s long-standing commitment to help Puerto Rico in its reconstruction and recovery.

INDICTED FOR MURDER in BRUTAL SLAUGHING of JAMAICA FAMILY Queens County District Attorney Melinda Katz said that Travis Blake, aged 29, was indicted on a Queens County Grand Jury. She will be arraigned before Supreme Court on charges of murder. These are related to the June 2022 deaths of Travis Blake’s girlfriend and her adult son and niece at her Jamaican home. After fleeing to Maine, the defendant was returned to New York City on Friday.

District Attorney Katz said, “As alleged, this defendant carried out a horrific triple murder and then fled the state, leaving a devastated family and a mourning community in his wake. Such brutal disregard for human life will not go unanswered. Despite being on the run immediately following the murder, the defendant is now in custody and faces justice in our courts.”

Blake, 155th Street Jamaica Queens, was arraigned before Queens Supreme Court Justice Ushir Pandit –Durant on a six count charge. Blake was also charged with the second and first degrees of murder. In the second and third degree, he was added to with three additional charges. There were two counts of criminal possession in each degree of the firearm. Justice Pandit Durant ordered the defendant’s return to court on Oct 18, 2022. Blake, if convicted could spend his whole life in prison.

According to the indictment, on June 24, 2022, at approximately 3:05 a.m., police responded to a 911 call at the defendant’s residence on 155th Street in Jamaica, Queens and discovered the three victims inside the home, 55-year-old Karlene Barnett, her 36-year-old son Dervon Brightly and her 22-year-old niece Vashawnna Malcolm. All three had been deceased for about two days.

Continuing, according to the charges, video surveillance footage showing the entry points of the defendant’s 155th Street residence on June 22nd depicted the defendant in the backyard at approximately 2:50 p.m. apparently bleeding from a hand injury and using a hammer to drive a nail into a beam of wood. Brightly was the victim of this crime. The defendant entered Brightly’s house thirty minutes earlier. Barnett, the victim, entered the home at approximately 7:15 p.m. and never left.

According to the charges, a witness, who also lived at the residence, noticed an unpleasant odor in Malcolm’s bedroom on June 24th and found Malcolm’s body after opening the door. Police responded to the call of the witness who called 911 to report the matter.

According to the indictment, Ms. Malcolm was found in her bedroom on second floor. Her body was covered from the waist, and she was bound with duct tape. She also had puncture wounds across her chest. Police broke into the basement to locate Ms. Barnett, who was clearly suffering from head trauma and had puncture wounds. The basement also contained Mr. Malcolm, who was suffering from puncture wounds as well as head trauma.

Police continue to find bloody items including a screwdriver and a hammer, as well as an embedded nail in a wooden beam. A bucket stained with blood and a container of household cleaner stained in blood were among the items found. Police also found the cellphone, passport and other valuables at the address.

On June 30, the police in Bar Harbor Maine arrested the suspect.

PHEFFER AMOTO SIGNES UP FOR COMMUNITY POSITION TO SEAGIR BLDG. PROJECT:Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-South Queens), met with parents to talk about the dangers associated with the Seagirt Boulevard plan. Pheffer amato, an Assemblywoman from South Queens, has openly opposed the City-Based Project despite fierce opposition from non-local residents.

During dismissal last Wednesday, the Assemblywoman witnessed the results of the project in action. “I acknowledge the need for safety measures, as that is something we all wish to see. However, any changes to Seagirt Boulevard cannot come at the price of accessibility or safety of the students from numerous schools who traverse the boulevard on a daily basis, yet alone hinder motorists in and around the community in their daily lives,” said Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato.

Pheffer Amato (an Assemblywoman), as well as parents, and other community members have voiced dismay at the lack of outreach. A vehicle lane could cause traffic congestion in the area, even though it has 60 parking spots.

Assemblywoman referred to the plan as “nuts”Insisted that NYC Department of Transportation should be responsible “go back to the drawing board and create a plan that reflects the will of the community”The project could not have been completed without the support of the community.

Supportive Housing Developments of $80M The Kira is a Jamaican affordable housing project worth $80 million that Governor Kathy Hochul has opened. The 21-story building was mixed use and contained 139 supportive and affordable housing units. 69 of these were equipped with support services.

“Supportive housing is a vital component of our work to ensure that all New Yorkers have a safe, affordable place to call home,”Governor Hochul said. “The Kira will provide women who have experienced homelessness and domestic violence easy access to the support and services they need and deserve to build better lives for themselves and their children.”

The Kira complements Governor Hochul’s sweeping plans to make housing more affordable, equitable, and stable. In a five-year, $25Billion comprehensive housing plan, the Governor introduced and secured funding. It will improve housing supply in New York by creating and maintaining 100,000 affordable homes, with 10,000 supporting vulnerable people. The project will electrify another 50,000 houses.

New Destiny Housing and BFC Partners developed The Kira. The Kira also features 64 units with one bedroom and 37 units with two bedrooms. One unit is available for an on-site building supervisor. The 32 one-bedroom units, and the 37 with two-bedrooms, will be reserved by survivors of domestic abuse who earn less than 40 percent of Area Median income. Households earning below 80 percent of AMI will have the remaining units.

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Amenities include a children’s recreation room, fitness room, laundry facilities and outdoor activity space. More than 5,000 square feet are available on the ground floor. There are also more than 5,000 square feet of retail space. The community room includes offices, support programs, and offices.

The Kira’s energy efficient designThese features meet Enterprise Green Communities Certification and Homes and Community Renewal Housing Finance Agency mandatory Green and Energy Certification Standards.

New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance provides $1.7 million annually for the operation of the Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative.

In state funding, the Kira was awarded $19.2million. These included $19.2 million in tax-exempt permanent bonds and Federal Low Income Tax Credits. These funds will provide $26.1million of equity and $29,000,000 subsidy via New York State Homes and Community Renewal. Since 2011, New York State Homes and Community Renewal have invested over $11.49 Billion in multifamily housing, creating and conserving 42,300 homes and apartments. Queens has nearly 4,000.

ELMHURST HOSPITAL’S 190TH ANNIVERSARY: Council Member Shekar Krishnan acknowledged Elmhurst Hospital Center’s 190th anniversary: “In celebrating Elmhurst Hospitalʼs 190th birthday, we celebrate an institution that has provided quality health care to generations of Queens residents. The heroes of Elmhurst sacrificed so much for us every single one of the most difficult days of the pandemic. They serve over 1 million people across the Borough, especially many immigrant communities who otherwise wouldnʼt have access to care. Our public hospitals are the heart of our cityʼs health care. I couldnʼt be prouder to fight for Elmhurst every day. Happy 190th Birthday!”

ANNOUNCE SMALL-BUSINESS RESOURCENETWORK: Sandra Ung and Tom Grech, Queens Chamber of Commerce President and CEO joined Sandra Ung Sept. 22 to announce a partnership that will provide small-business owners with free support through the Small Business Resource Network (SBRN). On the first and third Thursday of each month Suzan King, the Chamber’s Small Business Recovery Specialist, will be at the Council Member’s District Office in Flushing from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to provide a variety of services and assistance to local small businesses. English and Mandarin will both be spoken.

“The pandemic had a devastating impact on the business community here in Flushing, as it did across the city,” said Council Member Sandra Ung. “I encourage local small business owners to take advantage of this opportunity to speak directly with an expert and learn about the many resources available to not just help you recover, but prosper. I want to thank the Queens Chamber of Commerce and President and CEO Tom Grech for bringing these vital services to our community.”

“Small businesses are the heart of Queens and we want to ensure all small business owners have the resources and information they need to grow and succeed,”Tom Grech is President and CEO of Queens Chamber of Commerce. “This partnership with Council Member Ung will help to provide crucial information and advice to these small businesses and help them to continue to contribute to Queens economic growth well into the future. We would like to thank Council Member Ung for being a staunch advocate for our small business community.”

At the free sessions for business owners, King will be offering assistance and guidance in the areas of financing, grants, tech support, legal counseling, and business coaching at Council Member Ung’s Flushing office.

“I am delighted to be joining Council Member Ung at her office to provide guidance and support to small business owners in both English and Mandarin,””King” “I am ready to get started and help these small business owners get access to resources integral to their growth and success.”

Business owners interested in a free 30-minute consultation should make an appointment through Council Member Ung’s Office at [email protected]Phone (718-888 8747 Flushing: Flushing 135-27 38th Avenue Suite 388

The public-private Small Business Resource Network is a joint venture between the Peter G. Peterson Foundation (Partnership for New York City), the New York City Economic Development Corporation and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. The initiative received a $1.5million funding announcement from Mayor Eric Adams. The investment will enable it to increase its programming through 2023.

SBRN was created in 2020. The SBRN has assisted more than 10,000 local small businesses, 76% being minority-owned and women-owned. Meanwhile, the Chamber’s Open + Online team has completed over 750 projects that have improved the digital presence of local businesses, including designing websites and logos and SEO consultations.

Anna Lo, DMA Consulting’s manager, was able to obtain a $10,000 grant through SBRN Specialist King. Lo used the money to repay rent and for miscellaneous expenses.

“I encourage other local business owners to take advantage of this opportunity to speak with an expert and explore the many different ways to help your business grow and thrive,”Lo.

COMPANIES WILL BE WELCOME TO JOB UPCOMINGJOBS FAIRS. After having gone virtual for COVID-19 Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. is holding an in person Job Fair at Resorts World NYC. Participation is free for your company.

This year’s Job Fair will take place on Friday, November 18, at Resorts World NYC located at 110-00 Rockaway Boulevard, South Ozone Park, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Addabbo’s office will be inviting companies, organizations, recruiters, and agencies from across the Tri-State area to participate in this Job Fair, free of charge.

Every company who registers for the service will receive a table and chairs. The power supply may be requested by job seekers. Job seekers can interact with the tables during the event and wander around the venue.

These events have helped thousands of people find steady work over the years through partnerships with hundreds of local businesses and major corporations across the country. The result has been a substantial improvement in New York’s health, both in New York City and in its boroughs.

“As we continue to make our way back from the worst of the COVID pandemic, there are still plenty of people looking for work, and companies in need of employees. My Job Fair is the perfect place to bring those two groups together,”Senator Addabbo spoke. “This is an exciting opportunity for businesses to come discover the bright, eager workers this Job Fair has to offer. By bringing together these job seekers and employers we hope to create an even stronger workforce and economy.”

If you or your business are interested in participating as a vendor at the Job Fair, please do not hesitate to reach out to Sean McCabe at Senator Addabbo’s office who will provide you with additional information as well as an application form to fill out and return. McCabe may also be reached by email at [email protected]Contact us by email, or phone (718)497-1630 Employers can also visit the Senator’s webpage to find the Vendor Application Form to complete and return to his office:

INTERNATIONALLABELING OF MENSTRUALPRODUCTS U.S. Reps. Grace Meng (D-NY) and Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) announced the introduction of H.R. 2022, The Menstrual Products Right to Know Act. 8829). This bipartisan bill requires manufacturers of menstrual product labels that disclose their ingredients. It will enable consumers to make educated decisions about their menstrual health. The FDA can declare unbranded products if manufacturers do not comply with labeling requirements (including for fragrance ingredients).

“We have requirements for disclosing ingredients in food products, because we recognize what you put in your body matters,”Meng, Congresswoman “Menstrual products should be treated no differently. I am proud to reintroduce this bipartisan bill, alongside Congresswoman Lesko, knowing that it is a necessary step that will allow consumers to make the most informed choice for their individual health. Menstrual products are used in some of the most absorbent parts of the body and menstruators deserve to know what is in them. This bill will help keep menstruators safe while also keeping companies accountable for what they put in their products.”

“Women deserve transparency about what is in the feminine hygiene products that they use, and manufacturers deserve clarity and consistency in labeling regulations across the nation,” said Congresswoman Lesko. “I was pleased to work with Congresswoman Meng to introduce this bipartisan legislation to inform women about the ingredients in their hygiene products and ensure that manufacturers are not hindered by a patchwork of regulations in this space.”

California and New York passed identical laws that require ingredient labels to be included on products for menstruation.

ZELDIN JOINS TUNNEL FOR WINNING: Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), the Republican Party and Conservative Party candidate for Governor, helped kick off the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s 5K Run and Walk.

“Incredibly honored this morning to help kick off the annual Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s 5K Run and Walk. The Siller Family turned the worst day of their lives into a call to action to take care of our 9/11 first responders and their families, our service members and their families, and so many others who have sacrificed everything for our great country. Their incredible work helps ensure we Never Forget,” said Congressman Zeldin.

JEFFRIES’ WILDLIFE REFUGE BILL The House of Representatives passed the Keep America’s Refuges Operational Act. U.S. U.S. U.S. Representatives Hakeem Jeffries (D.NY) and Rob Wittman, (R.VA). The bill will authorize the National Wildlife Refuge System volunteer programs, community partnerships programs, and education programs in order to provide public access for hunting, fishing and exploring wildlife on public land.

America’s 568 National Wildlife Refuges are located across all 50 states and five territories, including 10 in the state of New York. There are 850,000,000 acres (or more) of unspoiled public lands and waters that have been set aside for conservation. By generating more than 60,000,000 visits annually, they contribute more to local economic activity.

“We must remain vigilant in protecting the breathtaking wildlife and beautiful environment God has given America. The Keep America’s Refuges Operational Act is a commonsense measure that represents a strong step in that direction. Each year, 60 million Americans visit wildlife refuges, generating more than $3 billion in local economic activity,”Rep. Jeffries. “This bill will keep our refuges operational by supporting the volunteers that dedicate thousands of hours to ensure we can all experience the vast natural beauty our great nation has to offer. I thank the tremendous leadership of Rep. Wittman and all my colleagues in the House who supported this legislation and are committed to protecting national wildlife refuges.”

Rep. Jeffries represents Gateway National Park (Brookly, Queens), the United States’ biggest urban park.

FOREST PARKS E-WASTE RECYCLING EVENT Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr., a state senator, Assemblywoman Jeniferrajkumar, and Robert Holden will join forces with Richmond Hill South Ozone Park Lions Club in a Forest Park electronics recycling event this Oct.

Woodhaven’s Forest Park Bandshell Parking Lot will be visited by members of the Lower East Side Ecology Center on Sunday, 10 am to 2 pm. This is in order for them to take any electronic waste.

“Recycling your old or unwanted electronics may be confusing for some residents as the laws surrounding what can and cannot be left out on the curb seem to change every so often,”Addabbo, “That is why we love holding these bi-annual e-waste recycling events where residents can come and know that their electronics are being disposed of properly and not sitting in our landfills and polluting the ground at a convenient location right in their own community.”

The following electronic items will be accepted:

  • Computers (laptops & desktops, servers, mainframes);
  • Monitors, CRT and flat screens
  • Handheld devices (smartphones tablets, MP3 player, ereaders, etc.);
  • Network devices (routers, hubs, modems, etc.);
  • Peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables, cords, chargers, etc.);
  • Hard drives components. CD-ROMs. Circuit boards. Power supplies);
  • Printers under 50 pounds, scanners, fax-machines, etc.;
  • Televisions, VCRs, and DVRs as well as Blu-ray & DVD players.
  • Digital Converter Boxes, Cable/Satellite Receivers;
  • Audio-visual equipment (cameras, microphones, etc.);
  • Accessories and consoles for video games
  • PDAs, pagers and cell phones.

These items are not accepted:

  • Batteries for all kinds
  • Stereo equipment;
  • Answering machines/phones for landlines
  • Cords for extension
  • Smoke detectors;
  • Anything made of paints or dangerous materials
  • Appliances for your home

“Recycling electronics is common sense. If we throw old electronics in the trash, they can leak dangerous toxins. If we recycle them, they can be worth $7.5 billion,” Rajkumar said. “We owe everyone a world that is clean, sustainable, and free of waste, including the 7 million tons of electronic waste we produce each year. That is why I am delighted to team up again with Senator Addabbo and our community partners to bring this popular event to the people of South Queens.”

“I’m proud to co-sponsor these e-waste recycling events with my colleagues in government and the Lower East Side Ecology Center, because they offer a convenient, safe and environmentally friendly way for constituents to dispose of unwanted electronics,” Holden said. “They’re very popular and it’s also fun to see some of the older items being discarded.”

“I want to thank my partners Assemblywoman Rajkumar, Councilman Holden, Lower East Side Ecology Center, the Richmond Hill-South Ozone Park Lions Club and 104COP for their support on this important event,”Addabbo was added. “Over the course of the years of hosting this event we have helped to collect dozens of tons of electronic waste. I look forward to working together to help collect even more e-waste!”

JEFFRIES: THE DEMOCRACY IS NOT A SPOTATOR PORT Hakeem Jeffries, Chairman of House Democratic Caucus (NY08), was a member the Judiciary Committee and spoke on the House Floor prior to voting for the Presidential Election Reform Act. This legislation will amend the Electoral Count Act to allow Congress to count votes in accordance with the Constitution.


“I rise today in strong support of the Presidential Election Reform Act.

Our democracy is fragile.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Democracy is not self-executing.

Democracy is not just about running on autopilot.

It is important that we all remain engaged, especially when we face a villainous adversary who wants to undermine the principle free and fair elections.

Untermine the rule and law and prevent peaceful transfer of power

Our democracy is not perfect.

But it is well worth the effort.

And that is why it’s so critically important that we act with the fierce urgency of now to defend the republic against tyranny, protect the principle of free and fair elections and continue America’s long necessary and majestic march toward a more perfect union.”

GREG RUSS STEPPING DOWN, NYCHA CEO Jumaane Williams, NYC Public Advocate released this statement regarding the resignation of NYCHA CEO Greg Russ: “Accountability for the most recent crises of management at NYCHA is critical – and as our report showed, there is a lot to account for. At the same time, the truth is that NYCHA’s failures have persisted across chairs, mayors, and governors, and decline has persisted across decades.

“It will not matter who heads NYCHA unless they are willing to face accountability and reality, and implement deep structural changes to recover from the bankruptcy of tenant trust– compounded with the real need for increases in funding across all levels of government. Taking ownership of NYCHA’s past and present failures, rather than passing the buck, is essential to improving its future and the dangerous conditions for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers paying to live there.”

ZELDIN ENDORSEMENTS Andrew Stein (ex-New York City Council President), Manhattan Borough Presiden, and State Assemblyman, endorsed Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), Republican Party candidate for Governor.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement tonight from yet another prominent New York Democrat. Andrew Stein was a New York City Council President, Manhattan Borough President, and State Assemblyman. Unlike Kathy Hochul, I’m running to be Governor for all New Yorkers, and together we’re going to Save Our State!”

HOLDEN URGES SUPPORT FOR FLOODING BILL, INTRO’S ADDITIONAL BILLS: Council Member Holden introduced six bills at this week’s stated meeting of the New York City Council to address a wide variety of non-partisan issues affecting New Yorkers, after reiterating the importance for a DEP reporting bill he introduced in May to combat flooding.

Holden, Council Member for the 30th District reiterated his need for co-sponsors of a bill he presented back in May after the terrible flooding.

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Holden, Council Member “I must first address the flooding in my district yesterday. A brief rainstorm was too much for the sewer system. The status quo of our infrastructure is not acceptable. Intro 0444, which I introduced in May of this year, would require the DEP to post the inspection, cleaning and maintenance schedules of catch basins and sewers. While this bill will certainly not solve all our flooding issues, it will improve transparency and allow the public and elected officials with oversight responsibilities to identify problems before flooding occurs. I urge my colleagues to sign on as co-sponsors to this bill.”

“I am proud to introduce another package of bills presenting common-sense solutions to several issues. These bills will help address problems involving housing, preserving zoning, out-of-state vehicles, dangerous methane leaks, street sweeping, and more. I look forward to bi-partisan support for these measures from my colleagues that will help our city move forward.”

These are the most recent bills that were introduced by Council Member Holden

1) Local Law to amend the New York City Administrative Code. It will report the latest known address for persons living in emergency shelters that are city-assisted and any technical modifications. This bill would require the Mayor’s Office of Operations to report on the last known address of households in homeless facilities administered by the Department of Homeless Services, the Human Resources Administration, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and the Department of Youth and Community Development. The Mayor’s Office of Operations would submit the reportsSend them to the Speaker of Council and put them online on its website. The bill also makes technical modifications to the numbering and naming of this subsection in the Administrative Code.

2) A Local Law amending the New York City’s administrative code regarding the issuance of building permits to areas where a certified application for rezoning is pending. The bill would direct the Department of Buildings not to issue building permits in areas where City Planning Commission has certified pending rezoning applications. Construction must be in accordance with certified application zoning requirements.

3) A Local Law amending the New York City’s administrative code to create an interagency taskforce for illegal conversions.

4) Local Law Amendment to the New York City City Administrative Code that requires street sweepers (to photograph and report violations such as parking, standing or others) to install cameras.

5) Local Law to create a taskforce for vehicles registered outside of the state. The bill will create an interagency taskforce, which would include the New York City Department of Transportation Police Department as well as Department of Finance. The study on New York City’s out-of-state vehicular registration will include a mayoral appointee as well as a councilmember. These individuals will offer suggestions about how to fix the problem.

6) A Local Law to amend New York’s administrative code in relation to the inspection, survey, and mapping of methane leaks within New York City. This bill amends Chapter 24-424 of the Administrative Code by adding a new subdivision d. requiring an office or agency designated by the mayor to examine, survey and map all methane leaks and to provide written notification to any relevant gas utility of the city’s intent or consent to open the ground on any public way to survey the area for the presence of natural gas. Any aging, leaking, or damaged natural-gas infrastructure that could be responsible for large quantities of natural gas leaks on public roads or other public ways would have to be replaced or repaired. The designated agency will fix the gas leak and recover the cost if the city does not notify it within ninety days of being notified of the notice.

New Yorkers worry about rising energy prices. At the Business Council of New York Annual meeting, Zeldin reiterates the importance of increasing domestic energy production as well as approving new pipeline applications.

ZELDIN FOR NATURAL GAS & NEW PIPELINES: Addressing the Business Council of New York 2022 Annual Meeting (Congressman Lee Zeldin, R-NY-1) reiterated his call for New York’s safe extraction of natural gases to be reversed and for new pipeline construction to be approved. New reportsZeldin has stated that New Yorkers might see their energy costs rise by 39% right away.

HARM REDUCTION NOW SYSTEM CHANGE TOMORROW This week, Council Member Tiffany Caban voted to approve the Halletts North development and released a policy agenda to address our cityʼs housing crisis.

Caban stated, “The two prongs together mirror my approach to almost every issue. As both an abolitionist as well as a democratic socialist I believe in a dramatically freer and more prosperous society. Therefore, I advocate for system change. On the other, as an elected officer, I have many system-constrained options today and so use a framework to reduce harm in a given time. The thinking goes like this: The beautiful transformation may come tomorrow, so itʼs my duty to see that as many people as possible survive today.

“Public safety through guaranteed homes and jobs tomorrow, expand community-based violence prevention programming today. Overdose prevention centers are essential. Divorce law enforcement must be completely removed from drug use tomorrow. Stop solitary confinement.

“At present, Hallets North is a sacrifice zone of shuttered industry and vacant lots. It contributes nothing to the community. It prohibits our neighbors from accessing the waterfront. It sends the message to residents of Astoria Houses the next block over that they are unworthy of a safe, comfortable neighborhood. And it holds down the housing supply amid a brutal housing shortage. The best we could hope for without rezoning is a “last mile”Amazon, which is a large corporation, will pay our neighbours garbage wages for the non-stop backbreaking work they do. This would cause congestion in our streets and lead to dangerous, polluting deliveries. This would have been rejected if you voted no.

“The project I voted Aye on comes with a $16 million investment, over the past several years, cleaning up the formerly polluted waterfront, which will now host park space for everybody to enjoy. It comes with roughly 10,000 square feet of community space for Urban Upbound and Zone 126, beloved community-based organizations, to reside in for $1 in annual rent. It comes with a $1 Million investment to benefit residents of Astoria Houses as the Tenant Association and NYCHA see fit. “It comes with “Deep Affordability”Do not exceed the requirements of MIH. For households earning an average of 40% and 10% respectively at 30%, 50%, 50% and 10%, 20% is affordable. For context, with this project, weʼll almost double the number of units available at 0-50% of local AMI. This is what I want to make clear. In the last 10 year, Community Board 1 had produced less 500 units at 0-50% of local AMI. This project will yield 268 units. This project was a clear choice in terms of harm reduction. It would be foolish of me not to vote aye.

“Even though I know it is the right choice for today, damn it, I want better choices tomorrow. I donʼt want to merely reduce harm; I want to transform the system. We deserve a housing system where every single New Yorker, no matter their level of income, has a comfortable home, on a guaranteed basis. We deserve sustainable, high quality social housing, owned and managed by the people who live there, in conjunction with the public. Thatʼs why we released the “10 Steps to a More Affordable NYC”The policy agenda is here. And if you believe in our vision for a more affordable NYC through robust investments in social housing, watch this space for ways to get involved.”

NEW TRAINING EQUIPMENT FOR LOCAL FDNY STATION: Wednesday, September 15, 2015, Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr., visited Engine331/Ladder173 on Cross Bay Boulevard, Howard Beach, in order to examine the Blue Door Training Equipment he had been able to fund. They showed Senator the operation of the doors and let him test it.

“It was a great time visiting Engine33/Ladder173 to see their new Blue Door training equipment,”Addabbo, “It was my pleasure to help fund this piece of equipment and to see the firefighters in action using it. This is just a small way I can say thank you to the brave men and women of the FDNY.”

MOYA HONORS LONGTIME RESIDENTS: Mary Waller Moody, Corona’s most beloved member of the community was also a Corona legend. Francisco Moya (City Member) honored her by a street conaming ceremony. This was in her neighbourhood, where she had lived for more than 70 years. The ceremony took place Friday, September 16th 2022. Waller Moody, who passed away in June of 2021, was deeply committed to her neighborhood and community throughout her life — from leading desegregation efforts to creating educational opportunities for children and providing daycare services for working mothers to helping low-income neighbors with housing assistance, and so much more. Joined by Moody’s family, friends, neighbors, and beloved Corona and East Elmhurst community, Councilman Moya unveiled Mary Moody Way on the corner of 99th Street and 35th Avenue. Andreii Moody Lynch was her daughter. Also, First Baptist Church pastor Patrick Young, and George Dixon (president of NAACP Corona/East Elmhurst) were there.

“I fondly remember her great wisdom and big heart, and as neighborhoods change and evolve, people will learn about Ms. Moody, what she did for this community, and what she represented for the great neighborhoods of Corona and East Elmhurst. As someone who grew up in, lives in, and serves this neighborhood, celebrating and memorializing this extraordinary woman alongside her family and community is one of the greatest honors I’ve had. Mary Moody Way will inspire generations to come to be compassionate and advocate for the betterment of people,” said Council Member Francisco Moya.

“Feel proud of my mother and how she supported her community. She loved everyone, loved children, and loved her community. Till her very last days, she cared for people. She used to say she was the mayor of Corona and rightfully earned that nickname because not only did she start desegregation in 1959-1960, she made sure children weren’t mistreated and had opportunities. She also helped her neighbors with housing and her tenants during the pandemic by not charging them for rent. My hope is that when people see the street sign, when my great, great-grandchildren see Mary Moody Way, they are inspired to do what she did. I thank Councilman Moya for making this possible,” expressed Andreii Moody Lynch, Moody’s daughter.

“As we celebrate the movie of Viola Davis, ‘The Woman King,’ here in Corona, we want to celebrate the real warrior queen in our community, Mary Moody. She was a queen for our children, a queen for our community, a queen for education, who fought against segregation, who fought for the inclusion of our children in every effort, and who gave to make sure and ensure our children had opportunities. She was a woman who walked with a sense of dignity and had devotion to care for those who needed it the most — when people see Mary Moody Way, I want them to know that this was a queen who cared. I am grateful for our Councilman Moya, who witnessed my queen mother’s giving spirit, for the opportunity for the community to always remember her,”Rev. Patrick Young of First Baptist Church, Moody’s adopted son.

Waller Moody spent five years as a Girl Scout Leader in the First Baptist Church of Corona. Waller Moody also worked as an election inspector. Waller Moody was also responsible for Saturday education at Grace Episcopal Church, Corona. Big City Realty provided housing for Corona’s low-income families and daycare services for Corona mothers. Waller Moody held many roles including the role of paraprofessional at P.S. Waller Moody was a Corona native at 92. She later worked with 25 schools within School District 30, which also includes public schools. She was also involved with community initiatives, such as supporting Flushing Meadow Soap Box Derby or collecting toys for Goldwater Hospital’s children with disabilities.

Waller Moody was a person who lived every moment of her life. She died on June 22, 2021. Waller Moody believed that the best thing about life was what you make of it. Waller Moody was active in Corona for seventy years and made a significant impact on the community. The family of Rev. Waller Moody is her survivor. Patrick Young is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Corona. He serves Corona and East Elmhurst.

NEW PARKING LOT IN DOWNTOWN FLUSHING: Sandra Ung (Council Member) joined Richard Siu, F&T Group, to officially open the parking lot located at the intersection of 138th Street and 37th Avenue.

“The small businesses in Flushing rely on local shoppers, but also attract a clientele from the entire tristate area looking for food and other items they can only find at our neighborhood’s unique stores and restaurants,” said Council Member Sandra Ung. “Many of those people drive to the area, and when the parking lot closed last year for necessary repairs, it had a substantial impact on our small businesses. I want to thank the F&T Group and its partners for replacing this amenity, which will allow more customers to come and patronize Flushing’s restaurants, shops and other small businesses!”

Con Edison will continue to work on the site’s electricity installation. Every day, the parking lot will be open from 7am to customers. Customers are allowed to enter or exit the lot up until 7pm. Parking customers who leave the parking lot after 7 PM must vacate by 8:15 pm. During business hours, staff will be available to help customers. When the lot is closed, security will be available.

Once Con Edison is done with its work, the parking lot can resume normal operations. These works will be finished in the next few days.

A PROSTATE CANER SUMMARY SCREENING Council Member Sandra Ung joined Assembly Member Ron Kim and representatives from State Senator John Liu’s office on Monday to announce an upcoming Free Prostate Cancer Screening & Community Health Fair. Vantage Medical Care can be found at 158-06 Northern Boulevard Murray Hill. The screenings will take places on October 1st from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

These screenings are open to everyone and free of charge. Men over 40 years old who haven’t been diagnosed with prostate carcinoma are not eligible for screenings. All community members who meet the criteria for screening will be eligible, regardless of whether they have insurance.

Screening includes both a blood test as well as a physical examination. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete the screening.

Council Member Sandra Ung said, “Our community has long lagged behind in being screened for cancer and other illnesses. Indeed, I have had family members who didn’t get regularly screened and were later diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am happy to partner with Vantage Health, Assembly Member Kim and State Senator Liu to host this free cancer screening event, which will save lives. I urge all men over the age of 40 to take advantage of this invaluable opportunity to get screened.”

Ron Kim (an Assembly Member) said: “We encourage all of our community members to attend this rare and invaluable event and make full use of the free cancer screening and medical assistance being offered. For so many people, screenings like these can help ward off preventable illnesses, and ensure that people who may have succumbed to other treatable cancers — if caught early enough — can get the treatment they need. Whether or not you have health insurance, if you meet the criteria you will still be able to receive the screening — and it just might save your life.”

2022 BUILDING GALA GALA AWARDS GALA The 2022 Building Awards Gala will be held on Oct 13, 6 PM – 10 PM at TWA Hotel at JFK International Airport. Eric A. Ulrich (Commissioner of New York City Department of Buildings) will be the keynote speaker.

LIU PIZZA PARTY FOR SENIORS: NYS Senator John C. LIU and Common Point Queens are holding a pizza party for senior appreciation month on Thursday, September 29, noon until 2 PM at Common Point Queens Bay Terrace Center And Pool Club, 212–00 and 23rd Ave., Bay Terrace, NY 11360. Space is limited/pre-registration required: via link, or register by calling Senator Lou’s office at 718-765-6675 or a Commonpoint Queens 718-423-6111 extension 223. Email or call 718-765-675 to get more details. [email protected]

—With contributions by Annette Hanze Alberts

John A. Toscano wrote this column


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