We’ve all been there.

A woman asked for gold-leaf nails, and she was unhappy. design- and returned home to bleeding cuticles, a broken talons, and sore hands.


Vanessa Bright took TikTok with her and discovered that her cuticles were bleeding following a horrible experience in the nail salonCredit: @vanesslifestyle_/Tiktok
She had asked for a cute and chic pink design with gold leaf detailing


The girl had requested a chic, pink style with gold leaf details.Credit: @vanesslifestyle_/Tiktok
Not only were her acrylics bulky and uneven, she was left with bleeding cuticles too


Her acrylics were heavy and irregular. Also, her cuticles were bleeding.Credit: @vanesslifestyle_/Tiktok

TikTok user Vanessa Bright shared her horrible experience in the salon. Video: “Rip to my cuticles.”

Vanessa gave Vanessa the cool pink and gold look in her clip design.

Her cuticles looked uneven, bulky and were even bleeding.

Vanessa left this comment in the Comments section. “This was couple months ago so my nails are fine now but I have some ptsd from that experience.”

“How did you not stop them once you saw your cuticles?”Someone else asked.

Vanessa replied, “She didn’t understand me.

“I told her to stop like 10 times.”

“My jaw dropped,”It was written by someone else.

An additional person was also added “As a nail tech, I am absolutely horrified.”

“Cuticles were too stunned to speak! OH NO GIRL,”Another comment was also added.

“That should be illegal,”Vanessa replied to another comment “I agree”.

“Omg this happened to me the day before my wedding. My wedding day my nails hurt so bad,”You might have more.

While Kelly asked the nail technician to stop repeatedly, she didn't understand her


Kelly repeatedly asked the nail technician to stop, but she didn’t get it.Credit: @vanesslifestyle_/Tiktok

Speaking of nail fails, this woman spent £84 on her talons but they were so bad that she drove straight away to get them taken off.

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The nails of this girl were done by her friend’s mum, but they look like paper.

And Primark fans go wild for their new £2.50 stick on nails.

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I asked for cute nails with a gold leaf design… my acrylics were so bad I left the salon with BLEEDING cuticles

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