Refinery29These are steps for making daisy prints at your home. They’re not difficult. The outlet recommends that you apply white, yellow or orange nail varnish and topcoat nail varnish. designYou’ll start by creating six flower petals in an oval shape using a nail dotting tool. Place one dot of another color in the corners to complete your daisy. They don’t have be perfect. To keep the color scheme fresh and interesting, you can change them at any moment. Don’t forget your topcoat when you’re done.

Another way to make daisy nail art is with nail stickers. Stick them on your nails and you’re done! These 3 Sheets Daisy Nail Art Stickers make a wonderful choice for those looking for daisy stickers. AmazonThey are as cheap as $6 Additionally, SheinDaisy Shaped Nail Decoration Box – Only $1

Experimenting with nail art inspired from daisies is something we are very excited about!

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How to DIY Daisy Print Nails

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