The perfect season to achieve a polished, stylish look is Spring 2022. This year’s hot nail design trends include intricate and subdued nail art, as well as sparkling accents. 

It’s all about achieving your dreams Nails for springtimeThese are products that stand out. 

Basic nail basics

Before exploring the most happening nail designs, you’ll need a few basics. To keep your nails neat and tidy, you will need files, clippers, and manicure scissors. They can either be purchased separately or combined. Kits to do manicures

It is essential to use top and bottom coats for outstanding results. Top coats protect against chipping and protect polish. 

Popular nail designs for spring 2022

Trends are always changing, if you like beautiful nails and keep up with the latest trends. We explored top social media sites and the internet to find out how beauty professionals and fashionistas are styling nails for spring.

French manicure

This spring, French manicures have been very in demand. You can choose from simple to complex designs. While the traditional French manicure is very much still in fashion, it can also be done with white tips over neutral-toned nail polish. 

French manicures that mix unexpected colors, such as rainbow and color-blocking are very much in style. French manicures can include intricate lines or stripes that are reminiscent of a heart, as well as wraps with hearts. 

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Nail colors for spring

If you guessed that pastel nails are in this spring, you’d be correct. These pastel hues are very much in fashion at this time of year. These colors go great with spring flowers and Easter candy. Baby blue, soft pink, light lavender and dove gray are some of the most desired hues for spring ’22.

Also, neutrals are very popular. If you love a natural look, opt for brown, tan, beige or pale pink nails with glossy or matte finishes. 

This spring, bolder colors will be available in earthy, navy, and orangish red. If you aren’t sure which colors you like the best, a crayon-box manicure with different vibrant hues on each nail is the way to go. 

Nail art

A great way to add color and style to your nails is nail art. For spring, you can’t go wrong with tiny flowers, rainbows and butterflies. This look can be created with nail stickers and a nail pen.

Add some sparkle to your nails using embellishments such as sequins, glitter or rhinestones. 

Nail shapes

In 2022, we are particularly interested in almond-shaped nails styles and square tips. Long square nails, due to their distinctive shape can also be called coffin or ballerina nails. Stitto nails, also known as almond nails, are long nails that look like stilettos. 

These trendy faux nails are for you if you don’t have the patience to grow your nails. 

Best products for trending spring ’22 nail designs

These are the best nail polishes

Nicole Miller Total Nudes Nail Polish Collection

The nail polish collection includes six beautiful shades with various finishes, including cream, shimmer and glitter. These neutral colors are ideal for spring. 

Sold by Amazon 

Ella + Mila BonBon Collection Nail Polish

Ella + Mila BonBon Collection Nail Polish

These colors are candy-like and go great with spring. The brand appeals to those who love conscious beauty products, as it’s vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA without any harsh ingredients. 

Sold by Ulta

Nails Inc. Florals For Spring Nail Polish Set

Nails Inc. Florals…For Spring? Set of Nail Polish

Four colors are specifically curated to be spring-themed. These nail polishes will look great all year long, thanks to their floral inspiration. You can use these nail polishes vegan- and cruelty-free. 

Sold by Sephora

Best nail files & tools

ClassyLady Glass Nail File

Elegant Lady Glass Nail File

Although it’s gentle on nails, the glass construction of this file makes it durable and easy to clean. The fine crystals create a shiny, smooth finish without harming delicate surfaces. 

Sold by Amazon 

Utopia Care 15-Piece Manicure Set

Utopiacare 15-piece Nail Art Set

The collection contains 15 high-quality tools, which are essential to creating gorgeous nails. This bag also includes a strong handle. Regular use can be withstand by stainless steel components. 

Sold by Amazon 

Beetles Nail Art Brush Set

Beetles Nail Art Brush Set

You can make your nails look incredible with the ultra-fine tips of these tools. You will find brushes and pens that can create complex details in this six-piece assortment. 

Sold by Amazon 

The best top and base coats

OPI Infinite Shine Base and Top Coat

OPI Infinite Shine Base Coat & Top Coat

Top coats and bases will help nail art and polish last longer. This combination has a glossy, long-lasting finish that is resistant to chips and can be used for as many as 11 days. 

Sold by Ulta Amazon

Debora Lippmann Hard Rock Nail Strengthening Top and Base Coat

Debora Lippmann’s Hard Rock Top and Nail Strengthening Bottom Coat and Base Coat

Because it’s both a top and base coat in one product, it’s simple to achieve long-lasting nail looks. It can help strengthen your nails which could lead to more growth. 

Sold by Sephora, Macy’s Amazon

Best nail embellishments  

Le Mini Macaron Mini Nail Stickers, Butterfly Dreams

Le Mini Macaron Mini Nail Stickers, Butterfly Dreams

You can turn your nails into tiny works of art with these butterfly stickers. There are many options for creating unique designs. 

Sold by Ulta

AddFavor DIY Glitter Nail Art Set

AddFavor DIY Glitter Nail Art Set

You will find small stickers and beads as well as rhinestones in this set. You will also find files and nail art pen. 

Sold by Amazon 

Best faux nails

KISS Salon Acrylic Square Nude Nails

KISS Salon Acrylic Square Polish for Nails

Although these acrylic nails have an artificial look, they still give off a natural appearance. With their soft pink hue and square shape, these acrylic nails have become a fashion trend. Set includes 28 nail tips and essential tools as well as nail glue. 

Sold by Amazon Ulta

Glamnetic Wild Card Press-On Nails

Glamnetic Wildcard Press On Nails

If you can’t grow your own nails to get an almond shape, these nails will give you the look you love. These nails are vibrant and colorful. They come in spring pastels and have tools and glue. 

Sold by Ulta

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