You already are in the thick Refresh your autumn wardrobe? Bravo! Now, consider including fall colors in your nail polish collection. It’s like a threadbare vintage shirt. those jortsThe summertime hues don’t change once the temperature starts to drop, even if you bought it for the first time in 2008!

“Going into autumn and winter, I have received so many requests for neutral and muted tones,”New York-based nail technician Juan Alvear. “I think people are excited for the cooler weather and want something that looks nice with the overcast tones of light in the city.”It turns out, you’re not the only one who feels the element. “For men in particular,  I see shades like mauve, muted pink, sage green, purple, and of course, a lot of black,” Alvear adds. Accents add style to a design. Basic manicureThe next step in silver is silver. Alvear stated that customers have switched to silver as a colour for many reasons.

We aren’t suggesting that you should give up on the fizzy limes, banana-bright yellows, and bright oranges just because it’s the end of the calendar year. It’s a natural thing to switch to deeper colors and neutral shades during peak pumpkin spice seasons. It could be a subtle nod to the quarter’s reflective nature, which is when you get serious about your New Years’ goals. Or maybe the tones simply work better on an aesthetic level—just think of how sick a few maroon coats will look poking out beneath the fraying sleeve of a denim jacket, a heady accent to a Pair of stunning clogsA woolly, thick scarf.

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Never waste a nail polish bottle. (Right!) So to help you prep your nails for their seasonal makeover, we rounded up the fall nail colors we’re really feeling right now—each in a handy set of autumn-friendly hues—from buzzy new releases to the drugstore OGs we keep coming back to. 

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro set

You aren’t sure where to start? We’ll show you how to create the perfect autumn starter kit.

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Zoya’s Classic Leathers Nail Lacquer Collection

Rustic beige, rich brown, mossy green—no, these aren’t the colors of your growing Leather bag collection. They’re also your favorite collection of nail polishes.

J. Hannah x MET mini polish set

Inspiration from the Met exhibition All Things TimeJ. Hannah’s set explores fashionThe changing textures and colors of the nail art. You can also paint the nail art on it. 

Pleasing x Marco Ribeiro nail polish set

Marco Ribeiro’s colorful collection includes striped button-ups, checkered trousers, and a quartet matte and glossy polishes.

A trio of customized nail polishes made by Tenoverten

Either stick to neutrals, or add some color with deep purple or electric pink.

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Fall Nail Colors: It’s Time to Treat Your Fingers to an Autumn-Ready Manicure

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