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You can feel a sense of rebirth in the summer months if you surround yourself with beauty and fashion products. During the warmer seasons when manicures aren’t covered by gloves, fun additions like nail stickers and trendy press-ons make their reemergence, which makes deciding what to do with our nails all the more fun. 

Knowing this, we searched for summer nail trends that lean into the bolder and brighter tones—think neon orange, pink or yellow—you’ll see this season. You’ll find 10 great summer nail designs in the next section.

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1. Chanel’s hot pink polish

From spring pastel pink, switch to summer hot pink Pink is trendyIn fashion this year, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t cross over into your summer nail palette, too. 

You can choose from bright fuschia or a subtle flamingo to get this polish. This polish can be personalized to your liking. Chanel’s “Camelia 560” shade is a top pick if you plan to stay on-trend, as it’s bold and purports a high-shine, long-wearing finish. 

Nordstrom now has Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Colour in 506 Camelia

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2. Chillhouse’s set of press-ons in patterned patterns

Save money on a manicure with these press-on nails.

You’re looking for a summer-inspired manicure that you can do on the move? The Chill Tips are great for when a visit to the salon isn’t possible. While these tips may help save you a lot of money, it is not always affordable. 

Clean your nails and remove your cuticles. Next, measure the Chill Tip that best fits your finger. Press the glue onto your natural nails and let it dry. Set should last for 7-10 days 

Urban Outfitters has Chillhouse Chill Tip in Devil Wears Floral starting at $16 

3. Sally Hansen created this sunny yellow nail polish

Go bright and joyful with yellow.

Yellow is one of those colors that instantly sparks happiness, which is why it’s a go-to for the summer season on many manicurists’ accounts, including celebrity nail artist Betina Goldstein. 

Sally Hansen has created this bold, vibrant yellow to help you take the trend to the next level. “Mellow Yellow.”This color is vibrant and has a glossy, long-lasting formula that resists scratches.

Amazon sells the Sally Hansen SXtreme wear Nail Polish Mellow Yellow at $3

4. Olive & June designed these nail stickers that feature fruit.

Don't limit yourself to just paint—try incorporating stickers.

These products can take your manicure to the next step. Olive & June stickers. Stickers are a wonderful way to show your support. Trendy nail art for fruit you’ll be seeing all summer long—and are much easier and cheaper to achieve at home. 

These 75 stickers are simple to use. They come in a range of colors. Apply them onto your nails—whether bare or painted—and seal them in place with a clear topcoat.

Target offers Olive & Juni Nail Stickers for $7.59 at Tutti Friutti

5. Essie has created this metallic shade.

You'll be glowing with this metallic shade.

For a manicure that highlights summer’s glow, metallic tones work well. It is possible to substitute any color you choose. French manicure highlighted with white highlightsUse the nail polish on all of your nails to create one uniform color, or a variety. Abstract splotches on a neutral nail 

Shade! “Good as Gold” from Essie for a bronze hue that’ll complement any look. It claims to be opaque, chip-resistant, and professional-looking.  

Essie Good as Gold at Ulta 

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6. Orly’s orange pop

This orange hue is Instagram-approved.

Orange conjures up visions of popsicles and pool floats, which is precisely why it’s This summer’s trending topic on InstagramShades in bright orange shades like this one from Orly-Called will have the best effect. “Kitsch You Later.” 

Use it however you’d like—all over the nail, in a half-moon shape near the cuticles or in swirls that create whimsical nail art. Whatever you choose, it’ll become your new favorite color.

Orly nail lacquer kitsch You Later is available at Ulta starting at $10

7. O.P.I. this nail polish in bright red

Red is always a stylish option.

Whenever you’re unsure what nail color to choose, red is a great option, whether you prefer a bright orange-red or a subdued strawberry-red. Warm-toned shades are the best. “A Red-vival City”O.P.I. O.P.I. “Cajun Shrimp”O.P.I. For cooler shade. 

Both colors are from the brand’s “Infinite Shine”Line means they are high-shine and will last at least 11 days if paired with the Infinite Shine ProStay PrimerThese are the details Infinite Shine PROStay GlossTop.

8. Nails Inc.’s white polish is inspired by linen.

Match your summer whites with this nail polish.

There’s something about freshly laundered linen sheets that bring about a cool breeze on summer days, so why not bring that with you into summer? Creamy linen will give your manicure a sophisticated, refined look. It will match any summer whites and will enhance any tan. Nails Inc. offers many light neutral shades including the bright white Nails Inc. “Free Time Is Me Time”It’s a good place to start.

Sephora: Get Nails Inc. 73% Nail Polish Powered by Plants for Only $10

9. Revlon’s bold green

You'll look elegant in emerald green.

Green is another dominant color. Although any color is fine, influencers tend to favor richer colors. leaf-like green. 

This is what it’s called “571 Posh”Revlon comes in a range of striking colors. The manicure is durable, resistant to chipping, and fade-resistant for long-lasting results.

Amazon sells the Revlon Nail Enamel 571 Pouch for $9

10. These Gucci logo stickers

Rock your favorite fashion house.

The hottest trend for summer is brand logo nails. Everything Louis Vuitton Chanel-inspired designsThese are easily found all around the country. ‘gram. Thankfully, these stickers from Gucci will help you achieve the same effect—sans hours spent waiting in a salon for an intricate design. 

Place them on top of a dried regular or gel manicure and seal them in place with your favorite top coat. 

Get Gucci Nail Art Stickers from Sephora for $20

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