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Chipped nails are usually an indication that nail varnish wasn’t properly applied.

It all boils down to application and maintenance. Another important aspect is unhealthy nails. They can not only cause a bad base, but also break or flake your manicure.

We’d all love to know the secrets to preventing nail polish from chipping.

stop nail polish varnish chipping

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Leighton MBE, Leighton Denny was interviewed to discuss the secrets behind a chipless manicure.

Here are some preparation tips to help you stop nail polish chipping

  • “Only file when the nails are completely dry. When wet, nails are more vulnerable to damage, as the water works to separate the layers of the nail plate and can cause peeling.”
  • “Don’t automatically reach for your buffer every time you polish. Buffing more than once a month can thin and weaken your nail plate.”
  • “For the longest lasting manicure possible your nails should be free from any oils and emollients as they can prevent your base coat from ‘grabbing’ onto the nail and reduce your polish longevity. Lightly wipe an acetone-free nail polish remover over each nail to ensure the surface is clean and oil-free before apply your base coat to minimise streaks and peeling polish.”
  • “For a chip-free mani, a good nail file should be a must. Poor-quality or old emery boards can cause nails to split, peel, flake, and break, especially if you try to file back and forth.

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    How to Stop Nail Varnish Chipping: Painting tips

    • “The key to a perfect mani is fine layers – a base coat, two thin coats of colour and a top coat – ensuring sure you allow enough time for each coat to dry. For example, your base coat should appear matte before you begin to apply your colour and you should leave around 2-3 minutes of drying time in between each coat of polish and before applying your top coat…
      stop nail polish varnish chipping

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      • The drying time will be longer if the coat is thicker. Many quick drying polishes dry from the outside in, so if you apply a coat over a thick coat that is not dry underneath, you’ll end up with dragging, streaking, indentations and/or smudges. Bubbling is usually caused by nail varnish being applied too thickly and not drying properly. Thicker nail varnishes are more likely that they will chip at the tips.”
      • “Avoid polishing the cuticle. It can cause chipping and lift the nail polish. To apply polish, place the brush 1/8th inch from the cuticle. Then push backwards, stopping just before reaching the skin. Then, move the brush up towards the tip.”
      • “Don’t forget your tips to prevent chips. The first sign of polish chips start at the tip, so by lightly swiping your polish AND top coat over the tips of your nails you’re able to seal in the colour and protect it from chipping for longer.”
      • “Don’t underestimate the powers of base and top coats. A good base coat will fill in the ridges of your nail and help you to reduce chipping. Top coats should be applied to all nail colours to prevent chipping or fading.

          How to Stop Nail Varnish Chipping: Maintenance Tips

          • “Once you’ve polished to perfection, extend the life of your manicure by keeping hands and cuticles hydrated – the drier the nail the more likely it is to break, flake and chip. Avoid harsh, alcohol-laden hand washes and always moisturise after washing or sanitising hands.”
          • “Try to wear rubber gloves whenever washing up and doing household chores.”
          • “Apply a fresh layer of your top coat every three to four days to keep the colour fresh, glossy and prevent chips. But only every three days at the very most or you’ll be left with a polish build up that will just peel away. ”

            Your polish can be transformed into gel

            Gel manicures can be a wonderful way to cut down on chipping. It’s possible to have an extensive collection of colors already, so you don’t need to get started again. TOP THIS! The kit converts nail polishes to UV gel manicures by applying a hard protective topcoat that has a glossy gel effect.

            Leighton Dennis

            TOP IT! Get started with a Start-Up Kit



            It’s also easier to remove than a normal base coat and polish.

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Simple ways to prevent your nails from chipping

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