This is for all you goths reading it. Get up and have a look Demi LovatoThis nail art is the new. The singer’s favourite nail artist Natalie Minerva, shared a photo with Lovato’s nails in an Instagram post from March 15. 

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Lovato rests one of his newly manicured fingers on top. The black is the color that goths are most fond of: each nail design has a stiletto shape. And two of them appear to be decorated with some teeny tiny jeweled accents — think Euphoria style. 

Minerva is the nail artist behind all the nail art, if you didn’t know. ShowSeason 2 manicures. Nail art had a long tradition of using tiny jewels, such as those Lovato made. EuphoriaThis is the second. These dazzling, tiny details were always on Cassie and Maddy’s nails. 

Everything EuphoriaLovato’s nails are black, which is something many can appreciate. First of all, they’re only painted in black, which means that no advanced nail art skills are required — that is, if you decide to recreate this look at home. Try Lovato’s polish for a similar look. Mischo Beauty’s Nail Polish in Run the World. This dark shade won the 2021 Best of Beauty Award. Make sure you have a good nail filer before you start to paint. Revlon’s Shape “N”Buffer and Buff FileClick here to recreate stiletto-shaped nails. It’s not easy, and practice is necessary before you can achieve that signature pointed tip. 

We are loving nails with cosmos-inspired visions and pretty pastels. But we’re glad that there are still options for goths. Thanks, Natalie and Demi.

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Demi Lovato’s Black Stiletto Nails Are A Goth’s Dream — See Photo

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