Although I’m obsessed with my skin, skincare is what drives me crazy. Face, I’ve mostly ignored other bits that may need special attention—especially my feet. My feet were feeling and looking dry, and they were something I had neglected until the sandal season. I made the decision to do my own nails instead of going to a nail salon. Considering the grim condition of my feet, I didn’t feel confident a drugstore brand with questionable ingredients was going to cut it. After much research, I was able to find the best foot cream. Deborah Lippmann’s Steppin’ Out formula. Deborah Lippmann’s innovative beauty brand is well-known for its stunning product range. vegan nail polishes —each formulated without ten of the most common toxic chemicals found in nail polishes, like formaldehyde and parabens. This foot cream received glowing reviews.

Devotees to this luxe foot cream sang the praises of its lovely scent and its ability to soften feet so they’re “like a baby’s.” The brand says it smells like marshmallows, but it’s not a tacky, overly sweet fragrance—reviews mention both men and women using it, and I found it mild enough to use as a hand cream, too.

This doesn’t happen to me at all. Cream for feet. The formula was also highly praised by many five-star reviewers.

“Who pays this much for a foot cream?! I guess I do! I’m already a Deborah Lippmann fan, but I’m so glad I tried this foot cream!”One Amazon reviewer

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This foot cream is lightweight, which is amazing considering other products can leave behind a heavy residue. This foot cream absorbs quickly and you don’t have to wait for it to dry before you can get dressed. After applying the cream, my feet felt softened and moisturized. Skin that appears younger is left behind, leaving behind rough patches and dry areas. They felt more comfortable and less sore, as my feet still ache even though I haven’t worn heels in two years. I’m looking forward to the products that will be used on my feet. popular exfoliating callus softener that’s intended to be applied before using pumice.

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Everything. Deborah Lippmann’s products They are also cruelty-free, so it makes me feel great about supporting them. I also don’t feel bad spending a little more on foot cream. I’ve had thIs tube for weeks and barely made a dent in it, so while it’s not exactly cheap, it Is a good value. It has soothing ingredients like shea butter and hazelnut oils. Really though, it’s the results that will keep me coming back to this cream. It’s luxurious without the need for professional pedis. This may be my only solution to keeping my feet beautiful. Sandals season, it’s your turn!

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Deborah Lippmann Foot Cream Review

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