Mom visited me in school and noticed my unfinished, messy manicure. Her mom demanded we do mani-pedis together. 

Dazzle Nails conveniently locates on Church Street. The perfect place for mom-daughter bonding with manicures. Beautiful interior and friendly staff. From the moment customers enter the salon, there are a multitude of colors and sparkling sparkles. This salon was designed for students, and Wildcard holders get a 10% discount. 

Evanstonians love Dazzle Nails for their simple or more elaborate manicures. You can get classic manicures or gel nails with powder dip, gel nails or pedicures at this salon.

As I was walking past Dazzle Nails, two of my closest friends passed me. When they got out of the building, their freshly-painted nails were displayed to me. Dazzle is loved every one, including my mother and my best friend. 

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Best Nail Salon: Dazzle Nails

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