All year round, reaths have become more in demand. There are options for autumn, spring and Halloween. – but there’s one point of the year where they really shine: Christmas.

Walk down any street towards the end of the year, and you’re guaranteed to see at least a few front doors festooned with one.

It’s a good idea. They’re an easy way to spread cheer from your front door, and set the tone for the winter wonderland of decorations you’ve curated inside, from your baubled and tinselled Christmas tree to the halls, perfectly decked with boughs of holly and the odd mistletoe.

What’s the meaning of a Christmas wreath?

The wreath represents eternal life with a circle arrangement of evergreen stems, leaves and flowers. All types of Christmas wreaths are available, from fresh ones with delicate blooms to those made out of more real materials. To add warmth and sparkle, they can be tied together and decorated with fairy lights.

How to store Christmas wreaths

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If you’re going for the faux option, it’s worth storing your wreath properly so you can continue to enjoy it for decades to come. It’s a good idea to wrap your wreath in tissue paper before placing it inside a hatbox. However, it is also possible to get Very stocks a wide range of storage bags with specialized features. from just £12.99 for a small size.

Whether you’re thinking fresh or faux, we’ve drawn up an edit of the best Christmas wreaths to shop or pre-order now. They can be hung from your front door or above the mantle pieces, as well as on your interior doors.

See our favorite picks below

Flower & Wild Christmas DIY wreath

Bloom & Wild

If you’ve always wanted to make your own wreath, there’s no need to feel daunted by the process. With this kit, Bloom & Wild makes it easy to create the ultimate style with a step-by–step guide. Every kit contains a base for a made wreath and a supply of dried stems. You can customize it as you wish.

Are you looking for a more professional approach? Check out Bloom & Wild’s full festive offering.

Bloom Festive Clementine wreath


Red is not the only option. Warm orange can be a good alternative. This handmade designFrom Bloom is festively scented, with dried clementines, bundles of cinnamon sticks and bundles of Christmas mail, ready to impress anyone who comes to your door, whether it’s a postie carrying Christmas mail or a group of carol singers. Three sizes available: Modest, Supptuous, or Abundant.

You can find the complete collection here. Each item will arrive completely in plastic, and all items are made using sustainable floristry techniques.

London Florist’s Wild Rosehip wreath

London Flower Shop

Are you looking for a more wild, natural style? Look to Your London Florist’s Christmas designs, available at Selfridges. Part of this line-up is the rosehip wreath. The base of the wreath is a moss, and it includes rosehipberries and fountain grass, thyme, conifer and cone branches, limonium and dried oranges, and three dried pine cones. Not your garden variety.

Nordic Rose Door Wreath by The Real Flower Company

The Real Flower Company

Red, green and gold isn’t for everyone. For an elegant take on the most wonderful time of the year, a simple palette of green and cream can elevate the celebrations, a look that’s been catching on in Christmases past.

The Real Flower Company hand tied this festive arrangement using Cream Yves Piaget roses and Earl Gray roses. The designpine cones are paired with the foliage. Entwined herbs produce enamate, which is a mild scent.

Fortnum’s Cone Spiced Wreath with Berries 35cm


There’s no need to worry about stems wilting or sprigs littering your doorstep if you get Fortnum’s fragrant Christmas wreath designIt is decorated with cinnamon sticks and cloves as well as berries. The arrangement can be suspended using a red velvet ribbon. It is elegant and also fragrant. You can also see the full collection at A Version 25cm is also available (£35).

Best artificial Christmas wreaths

Three Posts Luxury 76.2cm Prelit Berry Artificial Worship

Posts for trees

There’s no need to sweep up fallen needles every day with this faux wreath from Three Posts, which looks like the real thing. The designIt’s a classic Christmas with red berries, pine cones and other festive elements. There’s even 50 fairy lights embedded within the look for added sparkle.

Cox & Cox Indoor Outdoor Oversized Light Up Wreath

Cox & Cox

Make every hour golden hour thanks to Cox & Cox’s statement light-up wreath, made with realistic-looking greenery and 960 warm white lights that can be switched to eight settings.

The XL look can be placed inside as well as outdoors and while it’s pretty stylish on its own, offers a great foundation for further finery. Beautiful, but not extravagant.

Dunelm 50cm Poinsettia Wreath


The classic Christmas flower, which hails originally from Mexico, is beautiful potted, but it’s even more stunning when put into a wreath arrangement. It’s the star of the show in Dunelm’s wreath, standing out beautifully against the faux foliage, pinecones and red berries. This classic will be a great choice for all your Christmases.

SogYupk Door Wreaths – 30CM Artificial Peony Front Door Wreath


Peony season may be at the polar opposite of the year to Christmas, but you can still bring the bloom’s prettiness to your festive celebrations thanks to this faux flower wreath. With tonal colours on silk petals paired with lush green foliage, it works seamlessly with the Regency trend that’s tipped to be the Christmas style of the year.

M&S Red Berry Wreath


If you simply can’t wait until December to get your wreath up, there are a few designs to make it a little more socially acceptable for late autumn and winter. Tonal looks are created by sprigs with berries of the same color as red wine. This creates a welcoming and elegant appearance. The look can be given a festive touch by using fairy lights. It’s a simple way to change the look. It measures 18cm in size.

John Lewis Nightlife Shimmer Leaves Wreath

John Lewis

Brimming with stop-and-stare appeal, your guests won’t be able to get enough of this wreath, made from gleaming gilded leaves which are wrapped around a natural vine base. This wreath looks great on an interior wall or door. Accentuated with Christmas candles and warm white fairy lights, it will look even better.

A silver version is also available for those who like a frostier look (£40).

The best alternative to Christmas wreaths

The Rani Collection  recycled baubles and spruce Christmas wreath


It is the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another’s treasure’ is proven to magnificent effect with this upcycled wreath, constructed from discarded glass Christmas baubles sourced from British charity shops.

Measuring 60cm across, it’s not only a knockout wreath in pleasing jewel tones but a nice reminder that a little TLC goes a long way.

John Lewis Jolly General Store Candy Cane Bauble Wreath

John Lewis

The wreath is entirely made of baubles. It will be a bold statement in your neighborhood. Measuring 40.6cm across the festive contrast colours will make your door stand out, and there’s a A miniature tree to match to place on your tables too (also £25).

For an even more colourful look, the brand’s Rainbow-hued wreath of baubles (£25) brings all sorts of Christmas joy.

Cox & Cox Metal Holly Wreath

Cox & Cox

The simple and elegant metal wreath is suitable for use on interior doors. This can be attached to the door as well as used in place of an existing frame. You can attach the hook to any nail by using the hook

Top Christmas wreaths in 2022: Artificial wreaths that give off a festive vibe year after year

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