Hristmas can be a time when all the family members are able to get together.

It’s a time for wholesome fun, from the feast to the annual seasonal film screenings. There’s also plenty of time for lounging around the Christmas tree getting competitive with your nearest and dearest.

As the big day approaches, it’s time to flex those board game-playing muscles. Because if there isn’t at least one game-related family feud this year then, did you even have a Christmas?

It’s time to bring out those board games that you kept in the cupboard for over 11 months and give them a second chance. Every year, everyone is happy and has time.

This is a fun way to compete. After a long day at work, or after an enjoyable walk in the snow, you can relax with your friends and enjoy a quiet evening. These instructions are simple and straightforward. You and your group will be entertained for hours.

Whether looking for the classics or new releases, kids, family-friendly or adult-only board games, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites and can’t wait to get thrown into them this Christmas.

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Have fun

Christmas Monopoly


Players: 2-6

The all-time favourite game of Monopoly has had a festive glow-up in this Christmas edition – hop around the board with the choice of six special tokens including Rudolph and Santa.

London’s iconic landmarks, such as Bond Street or Mayfair have been replaced by reindeer and holiday treats. Hotels and houses can be swapped out for workshops or grottos, but hotels and residences are still being renovated. But be careful – jail, taxes and bankruptcy still very much exist in this competitive trading game.

The Shakespeare Game

The Shakespeare Game

Players: 2-5

New for 2022, be transported back to Elizabethan England and travel from Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford to London to perform his plays at different theatres.

Before other people steal your ideas and burn down your theatre, you can compete against them. You will rise to victory when you’ve made the most money at the box office. It’s a game that is suitable for all ages.



Players: 2-4

Scrabble is a great game for wordsmiths. To win the most points, they challenge their fellow players and themselves to spell unusual words.

Start with seven tiles each, place them across and down the board to create your words and play until they’re all gone. This game is great for family play and helps with vocabulary and spelling.

Articulate Christmas


Players: 2-8

The Christmas version is the fastest-talking version. Describe as many festive words as you can in 30 seconds – from seasonal films and songs, to foods and traditions – and work your way around the board as you advance.

Every correct answer you give will result in a new piece to the Christmas puzzle. You will have hours of fun and happiness with your family playing this game.



Players: 2-6

Which crime scene was it? What was the weapon used? The murder suspect? Whodunnit board game is an exciting and thrilling game that lets you play your cards with clues and use elimination to solve the mystery around the mansion murder. Think you’ve guessed it? Keep the mystery alive by revealing the cards towards the end.

Christmas Family Board Game

Christmas Family Board Game

Players: 2+

Think you’re a Christmas expert? Put your family’s knowledge to the test with a selection of themed, pictured and even pot-luck Christmas cards. Be the first to place the twinkling star at top for a chance to win

Herd Mentality Board Game


Players: 4-20

You will need to be a part of the group in this crowd-pleasing game. Answering questions requires you to correctly guess the answer, so that everyone is able to see it. Answering more than one question will earn you cows.

If you’re the odd one out, you’ll land the pink cow until someone else thinks outside the box. You can eat it for several hours after you’ve finished eating turkey with all its trimmings.

Harry Potter Wizardly Quest Board Game Harry Potter Harry Potter Hogwarts Wizardly Quest


Players: 2-4

Harry Potter enthusiasts will love this showHogwarts adventure: Examine your wizardry knowledge by becoming a student at class. Five tokens will be required to pass exams. Just remember it’s leviosa not leviosar!

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit

Players: 2-6

It’s been a stalwart on the board game scene since the 80s for a reason. You can take a break from eating Christmas pudding by getting together your fellow players and competing with trivial knowledge using the retro-style board.

Each card contains over 2000 trivia questions. There are 400 of them. They cover literature and science as well as entertainment and literature. Let’s get started.

Horrible History of a Board Game

Horrible Histories

Players: 2-4

Journey through different eras – from the Saxons and Middle Ages to the Tudors and Georgians – as you travel across the different sections on the board to reach the present day. You can answer multiple questions, play charades and stay clear of Rattus. This game is an excellent break from screens.

Top Christmas games for adults and kids

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