Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable Kit

Crosley Cruiser – Turn back the clock Walmart: Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable kit, $44.96


Baby Got Peach Eyeshadow Palette

It’s the only eyeshadow palette you’ll ever need—it’s that versatile. Baby Got Peach Eyeshadow Palette, $14 at ColourPop

The Colour Pop

Twelve Pack Large Hair Claw Clips

There’s one for every day of the week—and then some! Amazon: 12 Pack Large Hair Claw Clips – $13.98

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Terviix Small Curling Wand Iron

The miracle-working curling iron will give you perfect curls. Terviix Small Curling Wand Iron – $23.99 Amazon


Create your nail polish collection

Make your own nail varnish at home. Teens will have the opportunity to make their own unique shades and save some money. Mixify Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit, $39.95 on Amazon

Hydro Flask Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Teens sometimes need to be reminded to drink water. Amazon Hydro Flask Water Bottle Straw Lid 39.95

Fruit Babies Bestsellers’ Kit

Give up on oily, dull-looking skin. You will have glowing skin with this handy kit that contains several fruit-based cleansers, moisturizing products, and serums. Glow Recipe Fruit Babyies Bestsellers kit, $52.50 Amazon

The Limitless Scoop bra

The bra is now comfortable. Pepper Limitless Wirefree Spicy bra, $50

Roku Premiere

Roku Premiere is the latest Roku launch. It’s easy to setup. You can also access all popular streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. NetflixAlso HuluAmazon Roku Premiere, $29

LITTIL Selfie One

It will be a revolution in smartphone lighting. LITTIL Selfie One – $29.99 Amazon

Hangry board game

Feeling hungry? Feeling angry? You can win by matching the food card quickly. Big G Games Hangry Board Game – $13.23 on Amazon

Money Soap

If you want to make the most of your money, then you must clean up. Yes, it’s real money. Etsy Money Soap, $19

Sleep Philosophy Weighted Blanket

Sleep Philosophy Blankets are light and fluffy. Amazon Sleep Philosophy Blanket, $57.99

A personalized name light

Personalize an LED lightbulb with your teenager’s name to create a personalized neon nightlight. Etsy: Personalized LED name light, $19.17

Velvet Scrunchie Set

The scrunchies are everywhere! Teenagers constantly lose hair ties. They need your help to replace their lost hair. Urban Outfitters: Velvet Scrunchie set, $12

Lightweight Puffer Jacket

It’s the jacket to have! Hollister, Lightweight Puffer jacket $79.95

Moonlight Moon Lamp

You will be astonished by this stunning reproduction of the full Moon. Amazon Moonlight Moonlamp, $19.99

Tayto Heated Potato Slipper

Keep it simple, but still be charming. These sweet potatoes will warm your feet and keep them cozy. Smoko Tayto-Heated Potato Slipper, $38 

PopSocket of Genuine Amethyst

The PopSocket, made of genuine amethyst, makes your phone more comfortable. PopSocket Genuine Amethyst $30, PopSockets

Zodiac Trinket Box

Keep your favorite trinkets and jewelry in a small box that features your teen’s astrological sign. Urban Outfitters Zodiac Trinket box, $9.99

JBL Clip 3

It’s tiny, but it’s powerful. JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker, $27.95 Amazon

Bubble Tea Kit

Boba, anyone? Make your own! Uncommon Goods Bubble Tea Kit, $40

Pizza Socks Box

It’s cute, it’s quirky, it’s gimmicky. Plus, teens need SocksPizza Socks Box, $25.99 on Amazon

All Nighter Gel Polish Starter Kit

This kit comes with an LED lamp and a nail file, as well as a base and top coat. The kit includes everything you need for gel manicures. Makartt All Nighter Gel Polish Starter Set, $26.99

Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter equipped with an LED Light-Up Deck

This Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter is equipped with LED lights that allow for late-night fun that parents don’t need to worry about. Amazon: Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter, LED Light-Up Deck. $29.99

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set

A teen who relies on aromatherapy for sleep aids is 10 years ahead of the rest. Amazon Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set, $49.95

Rd Street Series Skateboard

For your teenage sk8r boi (or girl). Amazon: RD Street Series skateboards, 31% off

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

There is always a way to get back. Even instant cameras. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. Amazon: Instant Camera, $82.99

Amazon Echo Glow

Alexa! Turn on your lights. It really is that easy. Amazon Echo Glow Smart Lamp $29.99

Eyeshadow Palette with 39 Colors

These colors will bring out the best in your teenager. ‘Euphoria. Amazon: 39-Color High-Pigmented Shimmer Matte Shadow Palette, $14.99

Mophie Power Boost External Batteries

Give the gift that lasts 24/7. Mophie Power Boost Universal External Battery, $19.99 Amazon

Pandemic Game

This game did not get a 5-star Amazon review! Pandemic Game, $30.06 on Amazon

Revlon One Step Dryer Volumizer Brush

You don’A curler and straightener are unnecessary. Revlon brushes are now all that your teenager will need. You can use it to brush, style, and dry. Revlon One Step Dryer, Volumizer. Amazon, $32.49

Mario Badescu Acne Starter Kit

Pimples? Ick. With the best anti-inflammatory products, you can put zits on the finger.Acne kit. Mario Badescu Acne Starter Kit, $30 on Amazon

Yootech Wireless Charger

It’s so easy to plug in your phone. It charges smartphones in under a minute. It’s also cool. Yootech Wireless Charger, Amazon: $11.19

Ecolution Microwave Micropop Popcorn Popper

Pop your own popcorn for your teen’s next movie night. Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper Original, Amazon $12.99

Taco Fitness Tshirt

Taco Tuesday is for Taco Tuesday lovers only. It can be great to exercise! Crazy Dog Taco T-Shirt, $14.99 on Amazon

Beacoo Charging Station Dock Station

Is there a charge tech? Happier teenager. You can charge your devices with this charging stand. Amazon: 27% off the BEACOO Charging Stand Dock Station for Apple Watch, AirPods and Phone

YETI Rambler 36 oz Bottle

The Rambler from YETI is dishwasher-safe. Your teen can personalize it with their initials. YETI Rambler 36 oz Bottle with Chug Cap, $50 on Amazon

UGears Flight Starter Paper Airplane

You can challenge your teenager with a starter kit of paper airplanes. Ugears Flight Starter Paper Airplane – $37.85 Amazon

Nelomo Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

What can you do to raise Annie Leibovitz? These snap-on lenses take any smartphone’s camera to the next level. Amazon NELOMO Universal Professional HD Cam Lens Kit, $29.99

Fuzzy Fluffy Furry Fur Slippers

You will feel cozy and warm in these cozy slippers Fuzzy Fluffy Furry Fur Slippers, $16.99 Amazon

Bengoo V4 Xbox Gaming Headset

The headset will improve the gaming experience for your teens if they are spending a lot of time behind their Xbox. Amazon: Bengoo V4 Xbox Gaming headset, $19.99

GlowCity Basketball Light Up

Although it may look like your typical basketball, this GlowCity ball is glow-in-the dark, making it ideal for late-night ballin’. GlowCity Light Up Basketball, Amazon Price $49.97

Banana Phone

This banana phone can be connected to your teen’s smartphone via Bluetooth. It’s funny and quirky, and why not? Amazon Banana Phone, $39.99

Silicone AirPods case

AirPods are a great gift but some of us don’t have the budget to buy them. Get your teen this accessory for the silicone case so that they can use AirPods. Amazon: Silicone Airpods case, $4.99

Chameleon Board Game

The Chameleon is popular among teens because it’s all based on telling a white lie. This makes sense, doesn’t it? Amazon Chameleon Board Game – $16.82

Sticker for Tile

It’s time for your teen to get a Tile if they are constantly losing their keys. (Unless you don’t want to tear down their room every day looking for keys. Amazon tile sticker, $54.99

Bluetooth Compatible LED Strip Lights

This LED strip light will illuminate any space with its pulse-like LEDs. MusikAmazon: LED Strip Lights, L8Star, $19.19

Projector for portable phones

The Portable Phone Projector is able to focus any phone with a minimum of 6.3 inches and has a tough exterior.” x 3.2″Project images up to 8x YOTON Portable Phone Projector, $49.99 on Amazon

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