You are likely to have succulents or flowers in your house if you’re a mother of plants. You have many options to transform your garden into an oasis of peace. Vertical gardening ideas These arrangements will showcase the plants’ wonderful colors and textures. These arrangements are great for small spaces or larger areas like balconies.

These are simple, but striking ideas to decorate your small garden. Now it’s time start decorating. While some of these decorating ideas can be done quickly (potted hanging plants or upcycled containers that have faces for herbs and other houseplants), others will require you to spend more time. The copper pipe hanging garden and vertical herb garden. It doesn’t matter which vertical gardening method you use, it will be a bold statement.

Here are more ideas and tips for gardening, such as air-purifying plants and indoor herb gardens. You can follow this step-by-step guide to repot your plants safely.

35 of the Best DIY Vertical Garden Designs, Ideas and Systems in 2022

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