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Extra, extra, read all about it — our roundup of the best gifts for beauty lovers is here. Because we’ve all got someone on our list who basically lives at Sephora, is hair-obsessed, or is always game to try the latest skincare products. And when you want to gift something that’s a little more special than just a bottle of nail polish or a tube of lip gloss Sinon wrecking your wallet, we’ve got you covered. Enter: products that’ll elevate their nightly routine, giftable sets, and other items that really work that’ll become their new go-tos.

A Laneige hydrating skincare set so they can try new products out…

The kit includes moisturizing products by our favourite beauty brands. They’ll get mini versions of the Laneige hyaluronic acid moisturizer, the water sleeping mask, and its The famous overnight lip treatment. You can. ‘em all out and then buy the full-sized versions of their faves. BRB. Buying one for all our friends. ($30, Sephora)

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A dainty metal hair claw…

To keep in their bag or on their bedside table. This two-piece set comes with a silver and gold clip with a nonslip grip and rounded claws that minimize snags and breakage. Customers say it can even hold thick, waist-length hair in place all day with no adjustments or headaches. And it’You’ll bring the perfect amount of sparkle to their next holiday party. It’s as easy as a hairstyle. Visit our website to see more Amazon holiday gifts Storefront. ( $9.99/2-Pack)

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A lipstick so lightweight they’ll barely feel it…

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It is important to be able see the difference. This hydrating lipstick can be layered in several shades. Aka more layers = more saturated color. A satin-sheen finish gives you the ideal pigment. It’s light and easy to use. PS: Skimm’rs get a free makeup bag with their first order. ($26, MERIT)*

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A relaxing body care kit that’ll elevate their daily self-care routine…

Rituals’ evening shower set makes it feel luxurious. Trust. It comes with a mini aromatherapy diffuser that’ll make their bathroom smell great, a foaming shower gel, a hair and body mist, and a body cream. Each product has refreshing notes of cherry blossoms and comes in a gift box so you don’t have to wrap it. One gift suffices. ($62.50 Rituals)

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A cult-fave overnight watermelon mask…

This mask is for only girls who are able to get it. Glow Recipe is the source of this internet-famous mask. It’s made with watermelon and hyaluronic acid and is designed to hydrate and smooth their skin. Is it not amazing in smell? You will love it. It can be combined with our favourite facial tools for a truly divine skincare combination. (Amazon: $45.68,)

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A moisturizer you’ll wanna get for yourself too…

It is the ultimate in hydration. This gel cream leaves skin feeling cool and calm. The skin feels plump and smooth. It has a vanilla marshmallow-like scent. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free. Don’t mind if we dew. ($26, Kinship)*

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A mini makeup brush kit with all the essentials…

Sometimes the simplest gifts make for the best presents. This cruelty-free, vegan brush set contains everything they will need for basic makeup and/or touchups. They’ll get mini brushes for: foundation, concealer, eye shadow, and their eye crease. Now, anytime they have to do their makeup in the car, they’ll be ultra-prepared. ($20 Sephora)

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A gua sha facial tool they can use morning and night…

You can use them to get glowing skin. Gua sha can be used by anyone interested in lymphatic draining techniques. You can tighten the skin by using pressure and movements daily on this device to improve blood circulation and reduce wrinkles. Who doesn’t want that? Sephora offers many options, including options with rose quartz or amethyst. Plus, you can get a serumThis is the ultimate combination gift. (Sephora, $28+)

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A heatless curling hack they’ll be obsessed with…

So they won’t have to reach for their hot tools as much. You won’t be damaged by this satin-soft curling tool. Kitsch (psst…use code SKIMM25 at checkout for 25% off sitewide at Kitsch) Reduce frizz and breakage For easy curls, they’ll simply place the soft tube on top of their head, wrap their hair around the remaining ends, and secure with the included scrunchies. After sleeping overnight, they’ll have effortless curls — without the heat. It’s giving Nutcracker energy, but in a good way. IYKYK. PS: You can check our Review complete. (Amazon, $13.58,)

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A body oil that’ll nourish and calm their skin…

If they’re obsessed with all things hydration, they’re going to love this oil from Shikohin. It has hemp, tamanu, and apricot seed oil that’ll keep them feeling moisturized. Tamanu, the main ingredient in this product, has antioxidant properties which can reduce the severity of eczema and scarring. And because it has a spray application, it isn’t messy or greasy. You get smooth skin. ($36, Shikohin)

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A puffy cosmetic tool that does it all…

Listen to us. This is not your grandma’s powder puff (but upon reflection, she might want it after seeing this). Beauty Blender’s new tool has a teardrop shape that allows for a precise application every time. This tool can be used for applying powders, or to remove oily residues. They can carry it around in a purse or keep it at their desk, so that Zoom is always available. Consider adding to your stocking. ($15 Sephora)

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A reusable cloth that’ll wipe away makeup in seconds…

It’s soft, won’t irritate sensitive skin, and can help end their reliance on single-use makeup remover wipes. Fabric is the key. All they need is water. After their face has been washed, they can wash it in the washer. It’s more magical than Santa Claus. (Amazon – $6.99+)

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A tool that’ll make cleaning their makeup brushes hassle-free…

There’s nothing better than giving a gift you know they’ll Actually use. The struggle is real when it’s time to remove old, caked on foundation from your brushes. To scrub, you can use the silicone tool. You will get great results with the different textures and grooves of this silicone tool. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer. (Amazon, $5.99+)

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A spa-themed hair set that’ll make them feel special…

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones they wouldn’t think to buy themselves. That’s why we love gifting this palm-leaf, microfiber hair trio. They’ll get an absorbent scrunchie, a hair towel, and an adjustable headband that comes in handy for face washing. The pattern’s too cute not to take a selfie in, so if you give this to your sis or friends, expect some pics in return. I just wanted to say that. (Amazon: $33.99)

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An eyeliner stamp if they’re obsessed with having the perfect wing…

Are you looking for smooth lines? Yes, please. The nonsticky, smudge-free stick is strong enough to do any job your weak hands may not be able. The waterproof coating will protect it from dirt and grime all day. Gift them hassle-free wings. Priceless. (Amazon, $11.97+)

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A cooling facial globe that feels so good…

Make sure you do ‘em feel like a million bucks? Scoop this up. This facial tool is designed to soothe inflamed skin, shrink pores, and depuff. It’Every one of them is made from high-quality glass, and each one has been filled with biodegradable gel. All they’ll have to do is pop it in the fridge overnight (for optimal cooling effects) and massage it gently over their face in an upward motion. They can also roll the mask over it if they wish to double their efforts. You’re gonna need one too, while you’re at it. ($13, Thirteen Moon)

It is available for purchase

A mini Glossier set full of products…

Who doesn’t want goodies from Glossier? They’ll get mini versions of: the brand’s milky jelly cleanser, ultra-hydrating serum, moisturizer, Calming lip balm, an oil-serum hybrid that’ll make them look dewy, and a pink, nylon-spandex headband to use when they wash their face. All products have been dermatologist-tested. It also includes a recycled-paper and molded box, making it simple to store. 10/10 recommend. ($35, Glossier)

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A conditioning lip shine with responsibly-sourced ingredients…

Because their lip gloss should always be poppin’. This one from Beautycounter comes in 14 versatile shades, and has an applicator that picks up the perfect amount of product so their lips won’t be left feeling sticky. It’s also ultra-moisturizing thanks to ingredients like candelilla wax and beeswax. Even mistletoe-ready! They’ll thank you later. ($32, Beautycounter)

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A gel-filled ice roller…

Tell your bestie to leave this in the freezer and take it out when they feel a migraine coming on, want to depuff their skin, or amp up their favorite mask. It’s also great for cooling down after a workout. And, they’ve probably seen it all over Insta and have been secretly (or not so secretly) wanting one for themselves. Let their hopes and dreams become a reality. Ice baby!Amazon $19.99)

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Sheet masks that do the most for their skin in just 30 minutes…

We trust these face masks with our lives. There’s a hydrating version for dewy “glazed donut”You can also use a lightening cream to give your skin a serious glow. They’re great for all skin types and the price isn’t too shabby considering they work wonders. If they’re obsessed with all things masking or simply don’t know where to start, these ones from Dr. Jart are a must. (Sephora $15)

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A hair cream and oil that’ll have them feeling commercial-ready…

Helping them achieve a good hair day? It’s an absolute yes from us. This lightweight oil is richin antioxidants that’ll smooth out their hair, protect against heat damage, and add tons of shine. This oil smells incredible! So You can combine it with lavender, neroli and ylang ylang. Happy hair-lidays. ($52, True Botanicals)

It is available for purchase

A cruelty-free shimmering face oil for when they want a dewy, hydrated look…

This product from Bobbi Brown’s latest brand, Jones Road, is a subtle glow in a bottle. It’s a makeup-skincare hybrid that’ll add some extra hydration to their skin all with a hint of color and glow. Plus, it isn’t heavy on the skin and is made of nine nourishing oils. You can either use it as an oil or as a primer. You will see a lot more sparkle than Hanukkah candle and Christmas tree. They will feel so thankful. ($34, Jones Road)

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A blow-dryer brush that’ll give them salon-like blowouts…

Everyone has at least one friend. In love Blonde. You can achieve the perfect blowout with this handy device. ‘em one whenever they want. And no, they don’You don’t need to be an expert in order to use it. The tool comes with three speed and heat settings. The tool also has a cool style option. It will add volume to their locks by smoothing them with the oval shape. Who’s the best gift giver? It’s you. Sleigh. (Amazon, $37.50+)

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A hair mask that’ll have their hair feeling soft as snow…

Giving them love is the best gift. This luxe mask from Arkive has a potent blend of baobab oil, shea butter, and coconut oil that’ll add extra layers of hydration to their locks. If their hair is very dry, they can use it as a conditioner. It can be used once per week to treat their hair. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free. Because hydration isn’t just for skincare. It’s your hair. ($22, Bloomingdales)

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A do-it-all blush stick that’ll add a hint of color…

They will love this handy balm for their lips and cheeks. It’ll provide a sun-kissed flush and the serum-grade ceramides in it will help  strengthen their skin. Plus, it’s super nourishing and hydrating — it has ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, and vitamin E — which is the ultimate gift if you ask us. They are calling. It desires it. (Iris & Romeo, $29)

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25 Must-Have Cosmetics Gifts For Your Beauty-Obsessed Friends

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