In this first ever event Prime Day’s historyAmazon has hosted two Prime Day events in one calendar year. The second sale — dubbed the Exclusive Early Access Offer— ends today (Oct. 12) and offers sitewide savings for Prime membersPopular categories start at skin care Products for your homeTo Tech Exercise equipment. Since it’s so close to the holiday season, Amazon is also introducing a Top 100 list featuring deals on some of the most popular (and gift-worthy) products, the retailer says.

There are many deals that can make your life simpler. Shopping for giftsThe sale event will end shortly thereafter. Stand mixers Home cooksFor indoor gardeners, seed pods will be a delight. This Prime Day deal for fallNo matter what their interests may be, we have all the items you will need.

Here are some of the top Prime Day gift ideas for October

Below, we’re sharing the best Prime Day deals based on our previous coverage reporting. To ensure the quality of each deal, we’re running deals through price trackers like CamelCamelCamelAnd Honey — each product is at its lowest price in at least three months.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

  • Average Rating of 4.7 Stars from 15,179 Amazon Reviews

This Lip MaskLaneige says that this lip balm contains shea and vitamin C to moisten your lips for eight hours. A Select reader favorite that’s also expert-recommended, the lip mask comes in multiple flavors (like Pumpkin SpiceOr Mango), and each package comes with a tiny applicator so you don’t have to dip your finger into the pot.

Stick Amazon FireTV

  • From 300,698 Amazon reviews, an average rating of 4.7 stars

The Fire Stick TV plugs into a TV’s HDMI port to enable streaming across platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Peacock and more (a subscription to each service is required). The stick can be used for streaming music, live TV and over 200,000 episodes.

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

  • Lowest price ever
  • Amazon is awarded 4.7 stars on the basis of 35,020 user reviews

Safe storage is possible thanks to the blade guard on this pizza cutter. You can use it to disassemble your pizza cutter. It is also dishwasher-safe. It can be used to make a straight cut by using vertical pressure on the device.

Leesa Premium Foam Pillow

  • Amazon reviews: Average Rating of 4.3 Stars

You can get good sleep by getting enough The best pillow is the right pillow. According to Leesa the foam pillow has ventilation channels for a cool and seamless night’s sleep. You can machine wash the cover for easy cleaning. This pillow is a great gift for anyone who could use a good night’s rest (so, everyone).

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Art of Shaving Kits for Men

  • Amazon average rating: 4.7 stars based on 641 reviews

The brand claims that the shaving kit includes preshave cream, shaving gel and a razor. This guide will help you. Shaving creams, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick recommended the shaving cream in this kit, noting that it’s made with hydrating ingredients like glycerin that “minimize the potential for irritation.”

KitchenAid Mini Tilt Head Stand Mixer 3.5 Quart

  • Amazon review average rating: 4.8 stars

This pick is both Top Staff and Expert-Recommended. Mixer standThe perfect gift for chefs and bakers in your life. This product is loved by my mother, particularly the tilt head. DesignIt’s easy to add the ingredients. Compared to the KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer, it’s lighter and smaller, according to KitchenAid, but has the same 10 speed settings and also comes with a dough hook.

Apple Watch Series 8 smart watch

  • Lowest price ever
  • Based on 170 Amazon reviews, an average rating of 4.4 stars

The latest technology is available in the form of sensors and superior technology. AppleApple Watch Series 8 provides deeper insights into your health, fitness and overall wellbeing. The newest edition of the Apple Watch includes many features — including temperature sensing, crash detection and more — that are more powerful than editions before, Apple says. It’s easily customizable, too, with different sizes, band materials and colors to choose from so you can pick a style that’s just right for your gift recipient.

Glowing Attraction Collection – Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit

  • Amazon Reviews: Average Rating of 4.6 Stars

This DIY gel nail varnish set is easy to apply and comes in many colors. This polish is designed to last at least 3 weeks. This kit is a great gift for anyone in your life who loves doing their nails, and if they’re salon-goers, it gives them a chance to try it themselves.

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser

  • From 35,565 Amazon reviews, an average rating of 4.6 stars

You can control the essential-oil diffuser’s LED lighting, misting modes and timer with the remote. This diffuser emits a quiet sound and its tank’s sloping shape will eliminate any water residue.

Amazon E-Gift Card $50

  • Amazon’s average rating is 4.8 stars based upon 855 8,810 customer reviews

Shopping for someone who has everything, someone you don’t know that well or someone who lives far away can be hard, so a gift card can be the safest route. When you use the code NEWGC2022 to checkout, you’ll receive a $10 credit when you buy a $50 Gift Card during the ongoing Prime Early Access Sale. Only Prime members can avail this deal. The delivery date can be set up for one year from the time you purchased the item.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

  • Amazon review average rating: 4.5 stars

Many situations call for noise-canceling headphones. We love this pair of headphones. Headphones for over-ear useBose says that systems such as these can provide clarity and adapt to different environments. This allows you to always be able make telephone calls clear. It is an excellent gift idea for students or those on the go, like students.

Dash Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker

  • Amazon review average rating: 4.7 stars

This waffle makerA Dash wafflemaker is an ideal gift for those with limited kitchen space. The wafflemaker comes with a nonstick 4-inch surface and can heat up fast. Gabriella DePinho served as production coordinator. Her possession included a Dash mini Waffle Maker. dorm roomIt was easy for her to maintain and clean as a student.

HoMedics Bubble Spa Elite Footbath

  • Based on 1,272 Amazon reviews, a 4.2 star average rating

HoMedics says that the foot bath heats water in minutes. It also maintains its temperature while being used. You can massage your feet with the water jets.

Aura Carver Smart Digital Camera Frame

  • Based on 6282 reviews, an average rating of 4.8 stars.

Wi-Fi is connected digital picture frameAura has the ability to store more than 10,000 photos. It also offers unlimited cloud storage, which is free with no subscription. Aura allows you upload photos and videos. You can also invite friends and family to your frame.

Make a Burrito

  • Amazon is awarded a rating of 4.7 stars on the basis 34,530 user reviews

The same company makes this card game. Choose your favourite game Exploding KittensThis requires at least two people. As players collect cards to collect points, they may face a duel or other action card that directs them to throw a squishy burrito toy at their opponent— getting hit with the burrito leads to a deduction of points. The game’s winner is the one with more points.

OontZ Angle Bluetooth Speaker

  • Averaging rating of 4.5 stars based on more than 185,455 Amazon review

A single charge of OontZ’s Bluetooth portable speakerThe brand claims that it provides up to 14 hours of entertainment. The product is water resistant and can be used at the beach, in the swimming pool, or by the sea. It’s available in nine designs and colors, including blue, pink and white.

AeroGarden Salsa Garden Seed Pod Kit

  • From 3,861 Amazon reviews, an average rating of 4.4 stars

This set includes one package of seeds pods Select-favorite brand AeroGarden comes with five pre-seeded red heirloom cherry tomato pods, four pre-seeded jalapeño pepper grow pods and a 3-ounce bottle of liquid nutrients. AeroGarden guarantees that you will receive a new plant if your current one does not germinate.

TYMO Comb Hair Straightener

  • Based on 37.480 ratings, average rating of 4.4 stars

Hot hair styling tools include a hot flatiron and flat iron. You can straighten your hair easily with this tool. The brand claims that the 3D-brace teeth distribute heat evenly to minimize frizz and damage. You can adjust the heat setting to match different hair types (e.g., thick or thin), as well as dyed and straightening settings. TYMO says it can heat up in just 20 seconds. It also includes two clips and a detangling brush. You will also find a heatproof glove, a bag, and a glove.

Pacrate Stereo Gaming Stereo Headset 7.1 USB Stereo

  • Amazon Reviews: Average Rating of 4.4 Stars

The headset boasts a microphone built in and surround sound when connected with a computer or laptop, according to the manufacturer. The headset features memory foam earmuffs with soft padding and an adjustable headband to suit different sizes.

Orolay Women’s Down Jacket

  • Based on 23191 reviews, the average rating is 4.5 stars

The viral Orolay Down Jacket has something of a cult-like following online — it has become so popular that some people refer to it as “Amazon: The coat.”Jacket is 100% Polyester with a 90% duckdown and 10% duckfeather liner. This jacket has six large pockets, a fleece-lined neck and a large hood.

PicassoTiles 60-Piece Set

  • Lowest price ever
  • Amazon Reviews: Average Rating of 4.9 Stars

These magnetic shapes can be used to teach children as young as 3 years old. PicassoTiles are a great way to show children basic design concepts, such as colors and shapes. design According to the company, magnetic polarities

Coola Organic Mineral Sheer Matte Sunscreen SPF 30

  • Amazon Reviews: Average Rating of 4.5 Stars

Sunscreen is an essential part of skin care, as dermatologists often point out. Coola’s organic mineral sheer matte sunscreen has many benefits built into one product: It is water-resistant and made up of over 70% of organic ingredients, according to the brand. Coola’s organic mineral sheer matte sunscreen is available in the following colors: Mineral sunscreenThe zinc oxide can be used to block the UV rays. Dermatologists prefer it. It is ideal for runners and beach-lovers, as well as anyone who enjoys spending time outside every day.

BodyRestore Bathtime and Shower Steamers

  • 8.896 Amazon reviews give an average rating of 4.5 stars

BodyRestore says that the lavender aromatherapy tablets dissolve in the bathtub and give off essential oils for relaxation and a spa-like experience at home. The brand claims that these shower bombs can last for longer than normal ones. These make great stocking stuffers.

Homesure Leather Journal Notebook

  • Based on 5,357 Amazon Reviews, an average rating of 4.7 stars

This vintage-inspired notebook is made of leather. It makes an excellent gift. The notebook is 5 by 7 inches in size and contains 200 lined pages (100 pages), which allow the pen’s glide across the page.

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