Mixing plain white nail varnish with gold creates a new look. A manicure that’s the perfect balance of simple and glam. “White and gold tend to complement each other without being overly bold,”Nail artists of celebrity status Mo QinHe’s worked alongside stars such as Selena Gomez and Julia Garner. “The combination of the two colors together elevates any look to make it more elegant,”She stated. For formal events such as holidays or graduation ceremonies, the white-and-gold nail combo is ideal. You can wear it casually as everyday wear.

It is possible to achieve the look using gold or metallic nail polishes. Qin suggests that clients still love gold chrome nails. “I’m a huge fan of a melted gold look on matte white nails or adding pieces of gold foil onto a milky white base,”Bustle received this information. But don’t be afraid to experiment with different finishes of your white polishes, too, whether you go with matte, metallic, or pearlescent. “Have fun wearing this combo and feel free to get creative when doing so,”Qin. “The possibilities of wearing gold and white nails are endless.”

We have 15 great ideas for nail art you can create at home and in the office.


Decadent Swirls

Creating swirled lines is a fun and easy way to add nail art to your mani while still leaving plenty of negative space (minimalists, this one’s for you). These coffin nails are easy to make in white and gold.


Mani in Gold Half Moon Mani

Are you looking for nail art to celebrate special occasions? Say no more. There is nothing more elegant than matching chrome-gold half moons with matching tips that make white bases look even better.

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Opulescent Polish

If you’re looking for a nail designIf you don’t want to look expensive, try a pearly iridescent color instead. Add a gold border around your nails for a stylish look.


Plaid Print

These are the two most important things to have when you’re creating a plaid print like this. nail art tapeLearn more about A. striper brush. The plaid is like a little sweater for your nails. designThis is the ultimate fall nail style, but it’s also great to rock in white or gold.


Geometric meni gilded

When you’ve got a gold line highlighting the middle of the nail, as seen in the geometric designYou need to ensure your lines are straight, symmetrical and as shown in the image. If you have to make precise lines and angles, use tape.


French Tips in Gold & White

You can’t talk about white nail polish without including French manicures on the list. You can enhance this set with the addition of the gold sliver, which separates the classic colors.


Simple Stars

If you’re looking for a minimal mani that incorporates both white and gold, screenshot this one. It’s a simple, but effective accent. design.


White & Gold Pearlcore

Go full pearlcore with a mani like this, which doesn’t even require white or gold nail polish. Start with a clear base coat. To make the design more unique, glue gold or pearl studs on top.


Gold Lamé

You’ll have to be a pro nail artist or have some serious skills to DIY a design like this, but the cool 3D effect of the gold lamé is definitely worth paying a little extra for.


Funky Tips

You can also give your French manicure a modern look with a gold swirl. DesignThese are the points. This means you don’t have to grow your nails. designAlso looks amazing on short nails.


Marbled Mani

All you need to recreate this swirled effect is pink nail varnishes in white and water. To complete the look, add a thin gold stripe to your base.


Unique French Mani

Not only does this modern French mani feature a gold wavy line to separate the tips, but look closely and you’ll find a tiny gold dot on each nail. It’s all about the details.


Cloud Nails

Make your cloud nail designs even more beautiful! You can add gold stars and crescent moons.


Floral Nails

You might typically associate floral nails with bright colors, but this white and gold flower motif is proof that you don’t need a lot of colorful polishes to pull off the print. It takes only a handful of nail polishes. nail stickersThis does the rest.


Matte & Metallic

To get a melted metal look like this, pair a high-shine metallic gold with a matte white nail polish (a matte top coat will do the trick, too) — the contrast between the two will really make the gold pop.

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These 15 Nail Designs in Gold & White are Fancy and Minimalist

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