Are you tired of carrying around a bunch of nails polishes, some broken or dried out and others just plain boring! We feel your pain, girl! Many of us buy nail colors and let them dry. This summer, let’s make a change and try some cool nail colors. Below is a collection of some of the top summer nail colors. All of these are great fun! You can find them all from vibrant party colors to sparkling nudes.

These are our top summer nail color picks

1. Jinsoon Nail Polish: Summer Sparkle Get it Now

2. Neon Gel Nail PolishGet it Now

3. Polish for nails in glitter goldGet it Now

4. Rainbow Glitter Nail Polish ColorGet it Now

5. 6-Pack of Nail Art Gel Liners Get it Now

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6. Neon Orange Matte Nail Color– Get it Now

7. Lacquer Red Nail Colour– Get it Now

8. Peppy Pink Summer Nail Colour– Get it Now

9. Raspberry Pink Shade-Get it Now

10. Neutral Nude Nail Polish–Get it Now

11. Floral Nail Stickers Get it Now

12. Set of 2 Reflective Shiny Polish Polish Gel Polishes Get it Now

13. Lime Green Summer Nail ColourGet it Now

14. Orange Ombre Gel Polish– Get it Now

15. Paint for Summer Yellow NailsGet it Now

How to use nail colors that aren’t flawless

It’s often difficult for me to paint my nails with my shivery hands. Through the years of trial and error, I bring to you a few tips that’ll help you ace the art of coloring your nails flawlessly. Make sure to apply another layer of base coat so that your nails don’t chip or peel easily. You can apply your next layer of polish with ease because the base coat has a smooth texture. To get the paint’s true color, add a layer of white nail polish first, and then go over it with your colored polish. You will see your true colors. Unless you’re a pro nail artist, feel free to get help with molds and stickers. It’s also possible to use an eyeliner for nail art.

We have 15 options for summer nail colours:

Bright and cheerful colors like these bring sunshine to your summer. Drake may not have the exact shade that you’ve been using for weeks. “YOLO,”So experiment with different colors and styles, and take advantage of summer by using cool nail polish and art. These are some cool summer nail colors that you can use to make your nails stand out.

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1. Jinsoon Nail Polish: Summer Sparkle

Summer 2022 is a time when you’ll be able to switch from neutrals and light colors to brighter, more vibrant shades in every color of rainbow. Here’s a pretty party shade that you‘ll definitely love. A mix of pink, coral, and red symbolizes fun, pride, creativity and independence. This glossy and long-lasting shade looks professional and striking, but it doesn’You don’t feel out of place. It’s a bold, feminine shade that will enhance your style.

Price: $18

Get it Now

2. Neon Gel Nail Polish

Hot trend: Neon colors. Neon green nails will stand out and draw attention to both your hands and feet. It can also be used as a style accent to your daily outfits. You will be ready for an evening out or a date. It’s the perfect shade to live your life out loud and is made of natural resin which is harmless and non-toxic. Before applying, dry the gels thoroughly. Gels will shrink and peel off if they’re too thin.

Price: $6.99

Get it Now

3. Polishes in Glitter-Gold 

It’s all about the glitter! You will look fabulous and be ready for anything with this glittery gold nail varnish. This nail polish is versatile and will make your nails sparkle. You still need the perfect jewelry to complete your outfit. Two coats can be applied to your shiny new metal. Be sure to check your skin before applying. You should immediately remove any irritations or reddening.

Price: $6.99

Get it Now

4. Rainbow Glitter  Nail Color

Summer’s all about bright, bold and vibrant colors. The rainbow glitter nail colour is perfect for this! The party nails look confetti-like. They scream romance and summer in rainbow colours. This bright and cheerful summer nail color will be back in fashion after the Y2K revolution. FashionA bold look

Price: $18.00

Get it Now

5. 6-Pack of Nail Art Gel Liners

Summer nails aren’t just about bright colors and peppy polishes, but also about the hottest trends in nail art. They can also be decorated with graphics or artistic patterns. This summer’s nail art trend is to use cute designs or caricatures. You can also layer multiple colors. These stunning designs can be created using gel liners. These gel liners are ideal for abstract painting’s trendy squiggly lines. It is safe and low-odor thanks to its 9 toxin-free ingredients.

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Price: $17.09

Get it Now

6. Neon Orange Matte Nail Color

Going forward, you’ll see a lot of orange this season. We’re loving this neon shade for summer, especially with a little extra glow to our skin after all this gloomy weather. The matte polish can be used on all nails and is professional-quality. It is bright and cheerful, which will bring out your youthful energy. The peppy orange shade will give your nails a healthy, long look.

Price: $9.49

Get it Now

7.  Lacquer Nail Color

Red is the color of all seasons. This color will always be a classic, but for summer, we’re excited for it to be a little brighter and more neon. It’s been seen on celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Sawetie. It’s time to paint our nails red. To get your super bright red nails, click the button below. They dry quickly, and they last between 2 and 3 weeks without chipping.

Price: $6.99

Get it Now

8. Peppy pink Summer Nail Color

A whole new style is pink! It’s a great style to wear a monochromatic look with pink nails. It’s possible to look amazing in multi-colored co-ord sets or printed dresses, but you can also paint your nails pink. The fun, risk-free color pink is great for bringing out your inner party animal. This brand’s most durable nail polish formula has a high gloss shine and a long-lasting effect.

Price: $7.99

Get it Now

9. Raspberry Pink Shade

Here’s yet another shade of pink. This summer, we’re moving away from blush pink tones and leaning more towards neon or hot pink. If you’re a leader in this trend, then this nail color will be your best choice. The innovative resin technology used to enhance lacquer adhesion is used. They attach to nails with a grip nail lacquer for long-lasting adhesion.

Price: $8.95

Get it Now

10. Neutral Nude Nail Polish

Neutral colors are the best for looking chic and sophisticated. This nude shade is a great choice if you don’t like bright summer colors. You will look flawless and polished with it. Luckily, this summer, we’re seeing it trending as many celebrities let their nails take a backseat with nude shade and let their outfit do all the talking. It’s a nice shade that feels summery without being too committee. 

Price: $6.99

Get it Now

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11. Floral Nail Stickers

Summer nail colors are vibrant and floral. These nail stickers can be used to decorate your nails. This sticker is great to decorate your fingers and toenails. They will not lose their shine if you use them properly. You can protect your nail stickers by applying a top coat. For nail artists, this top coat is vital.

Price: $9.99

Get it Now

12. Polish Set with Reflective Shiny Polish Gel Polish

The hot pink color exudes summer energy. This isn’t your typical pink. It’s a pink with cool undertones. You can see the sparkling disco effect in it. ‘party on the nails.’Your nail file can be used to shape your nails. Then, coat it with two coats the glittery pink nail colour. Then, dry it with a UV lamp. You will be overwhelmed by compliments.

Price: $7.59

Get it Now

13. Lime Green Summer Nail Colour

Picture cold lime juice in hot summer heat. It’s exactly this feeling that vibrant summer nail paint gives you. We love the bold, bright color. It’s got a super cool sheen and a  glossy finish that adds up the summer vibes. This color will go well with any outfit and it is sure to catch everyone’s attention. You can change the color to add more interest to your nails if you find it too citrus-y.

Price: $7.99

Get it Now

14. Orange Ombre Gel Polish

This is the perfect color for party vibes and it’s a sunrise on your nails. It will look great on all skin types. This nail polish has a striking sassy look that will have everyone looking at it. This polish strikes the right balance between sophisticated and fun, and it looks great both on fingers and peeking out of sandals-it’s like summer nails in a bottle. 

Price: $6.99

Get it Now

15. Paint for Summer Yellow Nails

Your day will be brightened by a bright yellow manicure! They’re so fresh and modern and give us summer-ready vibes. This shade is mood-boosting and will make sure you don’t have dull days. It is a strong shade that inspires confidence and optimism. Gel polish can be best dried using a UV/LED light. It can’t be dried by air. It is best to curve the gel polish with an LED lamp for at least 60 seconds.

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These are 15 summer nail colors currently in fashion

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