Rochester is home to many nail salons! How do you choose which one you’ll check out? First, I look through the customer reviews. So I did just that for you to help narrow down your search (and mine, because I’ve been wanting to get my nails done for a little while).

Which are the Best Rated Nail Salons Rochester, MN?

Based on Google reviews, the following list contains some of my favorite nail salons in Rochester. These nail salons all have at least 4.5 stars. I know 15 is still a lot, you only need one nail salon, but these are all around Rochester, so pick one that’s closest to you.

These are the most popular nail salons Rochester has to offer for manicure-pedicures.

Beauty Mark Nails

Nail Care. Salon: Closeup of Beautiful Female Hands Filling Nails

Thinkstock, puhhha

Location: East Rochester

The Manicure price: $20-$50

Pedicure price: $35-$55

Epic Nails and Spa

Location: Northeast Rochester

The Manicure price:Site not available

Pedicure price:Site not available

Essential Nails and Spa

Description shot of nails being painted with red nail varnish

Wavebreakmedia Ltd. Thinkstock

Location: Central Rochester (Barlow Plaza).

The Manicure price: This item is currently unavailable

Pedicure price: This item is currently unavailable

Gloss Nails

Gorgeous female feet during a pedicure at spa salon

ValuaVitaly and Thinkstock

Location: South Rochester

The Manicure price: This item is currently unavailable

Pedicure price: This item is currently unavailable

Hannah Nails

Location: Central Rochester (off Broadway)

The Manicure price: Site not available

Pedicure price: Site not available

Lasata Salon, Spa

Portrait of beautiful woman wearing jewelry

Thinkstock, hellmannoleg

Location: West Rochester

The Manicure price: $18-$30+

Pedicure price: $36-$46+

Lotus Nails Salon

A woman receives manicure in a nail salon

Thinkstock, kzenon

Location: Northwest Rochester

The Manicure price: $25-$40

Pedicure price: $40-$80

Nail Envy

Location: Central Rochester (off Broadway)

The Manicure price: $25-$55

Pedicure price: $40-$70

Kim nails

Nail polish and beauty products

Consider Paperkites and Thinkstock

Location: North Rochester

The Manicure price: Site not available

Pedicure price: Site not available

Pixie Nails


DmitriyTitov – Thinkstock

Location: North Rochester (near 52)

The Manicure price: $20-$35

Pedicure price: $35-$55

Rain Nail Salon

Beautiful red-haired girl.

Thinkstock with EdwardDerule

Location: Central Rochester

The Manicure price: $20-$40

Pedicure price: $20-$60

Day Spas and Salons Rocco Altobelli

Location: Central Rochester

The Manicure price: $27-$47

Pedicure price: $52-$72

Rochester Nail Salon


Thinkstock, marigo20

Location: South Rochester

The Manicure price: $37-$47

Prices for pedicures $46-$62

Serenity Couture Salon, Spa


Gubcio, Thinkstock

Location: Central Rochester

The Manicure price: $20-$60

Pedicure price: $45-$60

UC Nails

Location: Central Rochester

The Manicure price: $20-$50

Pedicure price: $35-$65

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The 15 best nail salons in Rochester for a mani-pedi

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