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DIY manicures are not an easy task. Everyone has their own struggles when it comes to DIY nails.

For all DIY requirements, nail stickers can help. These stickers make it simple to get salon-quality nail art in just minutes. They are also called nail wraps or press-on nails. They’re Available in many colours and designs, self-adhesive is available. Just apply the adhesive to your nails, then let dry. Two types of nail stickers are available: gel and regular polish. Self-adhesive nail stickers are time- and cost-saving. These stickers are twice as durable as traditional in-salon manicures, and they last up to twice as long.

Top picks

Check out these nail sticker and nail wrap brands for the best DIY manicures. A solid color is a good option, but you can also go bold by using a vivid shade. Fun printed stickers are another option.

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The Best Nail Stickers Overall

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Stickers to complete nail art


The Best Halloween Nail Stickers

Dashing Diva

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Stickers for Metallic Nails


Gel Nail Stickers


Gel Nail Strips


The Best Nail Art Stickers


Monochrome Nail Wraps


Top Nail Sticker Decals

Ciaté London

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Top Nail Stickers for Beginners


Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips


Top Holiday Nail Stickers

Olive & June

Cozy Lodge Nail Art Stickers


The Best Tattoo Nail Stickers

Dani inked it

Dani Color nail art


The Best Minimalist Nail Stickers

Nails in LA


What are the top nail stickers?

Each year, researchers at the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab test nail polishes. The GH Beauty Lab hasn’t yet tested nail stickers in our Labs. These products include Beauty Lab picks, top-rated products and highly vetted products that have been reviewed online.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the finest nail polishes

First choose whether you prefer a gel- or polish-based sticker. Gel versions will generally last longer — just as gel does over regular polish — but may be more difficult and take longer to remove. Look for sets with additional stickers that can be used to cover any mistakes. Most sets have this option. The colors and patterns that you like can be changed.

How can you get nail stickers removed and applied?

Follow all instructions on packaging to ensure the most efficient use of your product. “Make sure that your nails are clean and oil-free before laying down the sticker,” Wnek says. “Most if not all the brands provide an alcohol pad for this reason.”

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Wnek shares her general application method:

  1. Determine the exact size and shape of each sticker before you start. They should be placed on a smooth surface right in front of each nail.
  2. Use an alcohol wipe for oil removal to clean nails.
  3. Follow these instructions but be sure to take the time and remove all film before laying them down on your nails.
  4. To gently remove any extra, use the file provided. Your nails can look bigger if you take off more than one nail. Take your time. “I find it best not to trim nails before application and just use this time to file down nails in case I accidentally file off too much of the sticker,”She stated.

After applying nail stickers, you must immediately apply nail stickers. “They dry up once they are exposed to air,”Wnek explained.

Use nail polish remover/acetone to remove nail polish just like regular lacquer.

Do nail stickers last for long?

The exact time will vary depending upon the type and brand of sticker as well as how you live (e.g. how frequently do you wash your hands). Wnek claims that stickers will last up to 2 weeks. After that, the tips begin to fall off.

Do nail stickers damage your nails?

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Danusia Wik gave her tips on how to get and remove nail stickers. Danusia is a color cosmetic designer and often spends hours looking at nail and makeup products in shops.

Dori Price researched the best picks for this story. She has 15 years experience writing and researching nail stories. Her knowledge is complemented by the expertise of industry experts such as nail technicians and dermatologists. Expert in nail color, care, nails treatments and professional services.

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The 12 best nail wraps and stickers of 2022

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