When you plop down into your manicurist’s chair, you’re first asked to settle on a nail shape. Oval? Square? Stiletto? You’ve got options aplenty, but maybe you’ll consider coffin nails, aka the square-ish nails that get narrower toward the tip. Coffin nails have been popular for years, and they aren’t going away anytime soon — why would they? For a design, the options there are truly limitless, but if you’re one to switch up your manis with the seasons, then you’re probably thinking cozy autumn vibes. Bustle has gathered 11 stunning autumn coffin nail designs.

Expect pumpkin spice-inspired manicures. These tips highlight Y2K-era fashion trends. Some of these tips will make you feel like drinking hot chocolate after a long day. Many burgundy hues will be featured, including some dark and striking colors. Oh, and if you’re of the philosophy that Halloween planning should start immediately after Labor Day, then you’re in luck. You’ll find a couple of Halloween-inspired manicures thrown in for some spooky good fun. We’re talking coffin nails, after all.

These adorable coffin nail designs will be a great inspiration for your next manicure.


French Brown Tips

French manicures remain timeless classics. This is an autumnal style that comes in a range of brown tones, from creamy beige to milky chocolate.


Luxury Logos

Luxurious logo-stamped manis, inspired by Y2K, have appeared all around the city. The set includes the Dior logo and leaves, creating a unique fall. design.

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Pumpkin Spice

Thanks to the clever use of orange white and yellow, this mani makes pumpkin spice latte with cream.


Sage Green Graphics

Graphics and decals are having a moment, and this on-trend sage green mani — featuring flames, checker print, and emoji-like faces — nod to autumn in a subtle yet playful way.


Spiderwebs & Deep Purple

This coffin nail is a wonderful way to prepare for Halloween. The coffin nails have spooky but chic decorations and are finished with purple glitter nail varnish.


Glitter made with wine-colored grapes

A simple, but elegant set that includes glitter-colored cabernet glitter.


Milk Chocolate

Autumn colors made of browns, earthy tones and other warm shades are timeless. The mani is simple and elegant, with just a single black heart attached to an acceptable nail.


Moody Cosmic Design

Celebrity Nail Artist Sonya BelakhlefBustle has previously said that celestial-themed trends are going to be big for fall 2022. The mani with the star-like glitters & cosmic swirls is ideal for creating a magical fall ensemble.


Oxblood Ombré

These coffin nails truly deliver on that dramatic fall feeling with an ombré polish application that bleeds from red to oxblood to black.


Mocha Flavored Hearts

This is a super groovy design.


Multi-Colored Glitter

Sparkles can be worn in any season. This mani was inspired by autumn with multicolored earth tones.

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Here are 11 fall nail designs for coffin tips

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